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2019 in the News

"Exclusive: Data Show Girls in NYC Schools Receive Special Ed Services at Disproportionately Lower Rates Than Boys. How Race and Gender Drive Inequities," The 74, (December 16, 2019).

"Adams: Michael Bloomberg Made Sweeping Changes in NYC Schools as Mayor. What Might He Do as President?’," The 74, (December 9, 2019).

"The Power of Early Arts Exposure," Teach for America, (December 2, 2019).

"Better training must be provided for teachers," The Ticker, (November 25, 2019).

"Michael Bloomberg is running for president. What you should know about the billionaire’s education record in New York City," Chalkbeat, (March 1, 2019 - Updated November 25, 2019).

"More NYC high school graduates are college-bound — and ‘college ready’," Brooklyn Daily Eagle, (November 22, 2019).

"More NYC high school graduates are college-bound — and ‘college ready’," Chalkbeat, (November 21, 2019).

"One in 10 NYC public school students are homeless," New York Amsterdam News, (October 31, 2019).

"Number of homeless NYC students remains stubbornly high," The City, (October 29, 2019).

"At 114K, number of homeless NYC students remains stubbornly high," Chalkbeat, (October 28, 2019).

"This company ran schools for dropouts across the country. Chicago is the latest district to cut ties," Chalkbeat, (September 23, 2019).

"High chronic absenteeism rates among special needs students raise alarms," Education Dive, (September 3, 2019).

"Black, Latino students make up majority of city special education programs, report finds," Politico, (August 28, 2019).

"Black students more likely to have IEP for emotional disturbance, report says," Politico, (August 28, 2019).

"NYC Nonprofit Inspires 400+ Children at Hearts of Gold Back to School Backpack Giveaway (Photos)," Electronic Urban Report Web, (August 28, 2019).

"Thousands of Special Education Students Missed Nearly Two Months of School," The City, (August 28, 2019)

"City Council Oversight Hearings, State Legislature Back in Session, & More: The Week Ahead in New York Politics, April 29," Gotham Gazette, (March 30, 2019).

"Why a New York Nun Fought the Power," The New York Times, (March 15, 2019).

"One in Eight NYC Students is Homeless by Fifth Grade," Route Fifty, (March 4, 2019).

"Study shows how homelessness impacts NYC’s school children," KRTV, (February 28, 2019).

"Among NYC Students, 1 In 8 Is Homeless Before 5th Grade: Study," Patch, (February 28, 2019).

"Toward more effective data use in teaching," Phi Delta Kappan, (February 25, 2019).

2018 in the News

"After report that New York City is ending its Renewal turnaround program, big questions remain" Chalkbeat, (October 26, 2018).

"DA Brown Honors Queens College President With Hispanic Heritage Award," Queens Daily Eagle, (October 19, 2018).

"How Schools Can Help Students Who Don't Graduate on Time," Education Week, (August 23, 2018).

"Persisting Students' Pathways and Experiences Through High School," Education Week, (August 20, 2018).

"Test case: Stuyvesant grads want more diversity, but cautious about scrapping SHSAT," Downtown Express, (July 20, 2018).

"The Chancellor Saved a Failing Harlem School, but Can It Be Fixed?," The New York Times, (July 6, 2018).

"What Role do Middle Schools Play in Deciding Who Gets Into NYC’s Elite High Schools?," City Limits, (June 14, 2018).

"Stavisky: Keep SHSAT, And Help More Students Pass It," Queens Gazette, (June 6, 2018).

"Asian Groups See Bias in Plan to Diversify New York’s Elite Schools," The New York Times, (June 5, 2018)

"Program to Help Minority Students Fell Short of Some Goals, Study Finds," Wall Street Journal, (May 9, 2018).

"8 Important Topics in Education Research Right Now," Education Week, (April 16, 2018).

"This small nudge can help students avoid high schools with low graduation rates, according to a new study," Chalkbeat, (April 4, 2018).

"A New Approach to Social-Emotional Learning Research: Putting Practitioners and Youths in the Driver's Seat," Education Week, (March 22, 2018).

"How New York City Is Working to Improve Students' Social-Emotional Learning," Chalkbeat, (March 19, 2018).

"De Blasio has means, if not will, to reform specialized school admissions" Politico, (March 15, 2018).


2017 in the News

"This Funder Bridges the Gap Between Philanthropy and the NYC Department of Education," Inside Philanthropy, (November 24, 2017).

"Strict rules, Snapchat, and eerie quiet: A first-generation college student adjusts to life on campus," Chalkbeat, (November 21, 2017).

"Equity Along the Paths to and Through College," Stanford Social Innovation Review, (October 31, 2017).

"Study Up," Politico New York Education, (October 31, 2017).

"How a High School Transformed Its School Culture," Education Week, (October 26, 2017).

"4 Key Strategies for Improving School Culture for Black and Latino Male Students," Education Week, (October 23, 2017).

"IES Now Funding Innovative CTE Research Projects," Educators in Action, (August 28, 2017).

"Cantor: How Poor Parents Really Practice School Choice," The 74, (July 23, 2017).

"Minority Students in New York City Are Less Likely to Graduate Than Others," MarketWatch, (June 29, 2017).

"Does Closing High Schools Change Student Outcomes? It Depends on Where Students Go Next"Chalkbeat (June 13, 2017).

"Inequities in College Access and Success: Findings From New York City", Education Week, (May 22, 2017)

"Does Gifted Education Help Pave the Way to Specialized High Schools? Here's What We Know", Chalkbeat, (April 17, 2017).

"Minority Teachers in U.S. More Than Doubled Over 25 Years - But Still Fewer Than 20 Percent of Educators, Study Shows", The Washington Post, (April 14, 2017).

"Today's Teaching Force Is Larger, Less Experienced, More Diverse Than Ever", Education Week, (April 13, 2017).

"As Vote on Renewal School Closures Nears, the City has Vowed to Find Students Better Schools. Can it Keep that Promise?" Chalkbeat, (March 22, 2017).

"What Computer Science Education Looks Like in the Nation’s Largest School District," EdSurge News, (March 3, 2017).

"How Well Are English Language Learners Doing in NYC Schools? That Depends on the Stats You Consider," Chalkbeat, (March 2, 2017).

"We Live Here: What Happens to Students When Failing Schools Close?" State of Opportunity, (Jan. 27, 2017).


2016 in the News

"Five Key Things We Learned About Education in America in 2016," Chalkbeat, (Dec. 22, 2016).

"Plan to Integrate Brooklyn School has Subtle Impact in First Semester," Gothamist, (Dec. 15, 2016).

"High Schools Dole Out Misinformation About Admissions Process, Parents Say," DNA Info, (Nov. 15, 2016).

"City to Spend $5M on Nine-Year Evaluation of Computer Science Initiative," Politico, (Oct. 31, 2016).

"The Urgent Moral Case for Replacing Persistently Failing Schools," The Daily Beast, (Oct. 16, 2016).

"School Closures: Americans Oppose Them, But Research Suggests They're Not A Bad Idea," nprED (Sept. 1, 2016).

“Should We Close Schools on the Basis of Performance?” Education Week, (Aug. 24, 2016).

“School Closures Controversial, but Potentially Beneficial,” U.S. News & World Report, (July 29, 2016).

“School Closures In New York City,” Education Next, (Fall 2016).

"Which Comes First, Good Teachers or a Good School? Researchers Say Yes," The 74 Million, (July 10, 2016).

“How Many Students Are College Ready? Depends on Whom You Ask,” Chalkbeat New York, (July 7, 2016).

“Free Camp for SHSAT Preparation Announced,” New York Amsterdam News, (June 9, 2016).

“Measuring School Quality: Non-Academic Measures in the Every Student Succeeds Act,” Huffington Post, (May 9, 2016).

“How Effective are ‘Career Academies’?” The Atlantic, (April 19, 2016).

"School Conditions Matter for Student Achievement, New Research Confirms," Chalkbeat NY, (Mar. 24, 2016).

“The Power of Culturally Relevant Curriculum to Help Young Men of Color Excel,” Public Consulting Group News, (March 7, 2016).

“The Dispute Over Who Gets to Attend Our Nation's Top Schools,” Ebony, (Feb. 23, 2016).

"The Problem with NYC High-School Admissions? It’s Not Just the Test," CityLimits (Feb. 8, 2016).

"Profesores de Toda la Ciudad Promueven las Postulaciones a la Universidad," El Diario, (Jan. 26, 2016).

"January 2016 RPP Forum: Addressing Challenges in Partnerships," Research + Practice Collaboratory, (Jan. 21, 2016)

"Why Some New York City High Schools that Were Designed to be Diverse Aren't," Chalkbeat New York, (Jan. 15, 2016).

2015 in the News

 “New York City Closed 29 High Schools: What Happened to the Students?" The Atlantic CityLab, (Nov. 19, 2015).

“School Closures Under Bloomberg Benefited Students Well, Study Finds," NY1, (Nov. 19, 2015).

“NYU Study Finds Closing Struggling High Schools Helped Younger Students," Politico New York, (Nov. 19, 2015).

“Bloomberg’s Early School Closures Benefitted Future Students, New Study Finds," Chalkbeat New York, (Nov. 19, 2015).

"Closing Failing New York City High Schools Helped Students, Study Finds," Wall Street Journal, (Nov. 19, 2015).

"La Lucha de los que Quieren el Diploma," El Diario, (Sep. 8, 2015).

"Peligra Programa que Capacita Miles de Jóvenes Latinos y Afroamericanos," NY1 Noticias, (Aug. 14, 2015).

"From High School Calculus Straight to a Job at IBM: Meet the First Graduates of P-TECH," Fast Company, (June 18, 2015). 

"Change, Scrap the SHSAT? Solutions Hard to Come By," Inside Schools, (Apr. 20, 2015).

“How to Solve the Diversity Problem at NYC’s Elite Public Schools,” The Atlantic, (Mar. 5, 2015).

“Lack of Diversity Persists in Admissions to New York City’s Elite High Schools,” The New York Times, (Mar. 5, 2015).

Report: More Barriers to Diversity at Specialized High Schools Than Test,” WNYC Schoolbook, (Mar. 5, 2015).

“School Matches Show Challenge of Racial Diversity,” The Wall Street Journal, (Mar. 5, 2015).

“Share of Black, Hispanic Students Offered Specialized High Schools Seats Remains Low,” Chalkbeat New York, (Mar. 5, 2015).

“Study Urges Changes to Diversify Specialized Schools,” Capital New York, (Mar. 5, 2015).

2014 in the News

"How Game Theory Helped Improve New York City's High School Application Process," New York Times, (Dec. 5, 2014).

"Report: More City High Schoolers in College, Few Degrees," Capital New York, (Nov. 19, 2014).

"Amid Data Reboot, City Scraps 'Where Are They Now' Reports," Chalkbeat New York (Nov. 19, 2014).

“Foundations Award $1.9 Million to Research Alliance for NYC Schools,” Philanthropy News Digest (Sept. 11, 2014).

“Career Academies: A New Twist on Vocational Ed,” American Radio Works (Sept. 10, 2014).

“Ready to Work: Reviving Vocational Ed.” American Radio Works (Sept., 2014).

“Report on Small School Success Hints at Future Struggles,” Chalkbeat New York, (Jul. 17, 2014).

“Three 'Secret' Ingredients for a Successful Small School,” Schoolbook (Jul. 17, 2014).

“N.Y.C. Teachers Didn't Embrace District's Digital Collaboration Tool, Study Finds.” Education Week: Digital Directions (Jun. 23, 2014).

“Academic Rigor and the Achievement Gap,” CUNY Institute for Education Policy Blog (Jun. 11, 2014). 

“Tenacity + Support = Success,” ExpandED Schools Blog (Jun. 11, 2014).

“Winds of Change,” BrianLehrer.TV (May 7, 2014).

“The Persistent Achievement Gaps in American Education,” CUNY Institute for Education Policy Blog (Mar. 20, 2014).

“Do Small Schools Undermine Diversity?” Education Week (Jan. 22, 2014).

“Should Mayor de Blasio Unravel Bloomberg's Reforms?” The New York Times (Jan. 15, 2014).

“New Study Quantifies Impact of Rankings," Hechinger Report (Jan. 16, 2014).

“College Rankings: Study Finds They Influence Applicants,” Atlanta Journal Constitution (Jan. 16, 2014).

2013 in the News

"School Size-Does it Really Matter?" Education Funders Research Initiative (Oct. 30, 2013).

"Bloomberg-Era School Changes Debated in NYC Race," Education Week (Oct. 29, 2013).

"Reducing the Isolation of Low Achieving Students," Education Funders Research Initiative (Oct. 22, 2013).

"A Better City for Kids," New York Daily News, (Oct. 22, 2013)

"Bloomberg's Education Plan is Working: Don't Ditch It," The Atlantic (Oct. 22, 2013).

"Philanthropies Pose Ed Research, Policy Agenda for Next NYC Mayor," Education Funders Research Initiative (Oct. 9, 2013).

"New Research Consortium Targets D.C. Schools," Education Week (Sept. 27, 2013).

"Lawmakers Question IES Relevance in Reauthorization Hearing," Education Week (Sept. 10, 2013).

"Congress Must Better Support Education Research, Witnesses Tell House Education Panel," House of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workforce Democrats (press release) (Sept. 10, 2013).

"Report Again Finds Graduation Rate Gains at City’s Small Schools," Gotham Schools (Aug. 26, 2013). 

"Another Study Finds Big Gains at Small Schools," Schoolbook (Aug. 26, 2013). 

"Boosting College Readiness Among Black and Latino Males," Open Society Foundation Voices Blog (Aug. 15, 2013).

"Study Calls Attention to NYC Effort on Black and Latino Male College Readiness," Diverse Issues in Higher Education (Jul. 17, 2013).

"Reports Focus on Closing Achievement Gap," Education Week: Inside School Research, (Jul. 16, 2013).

"New York Provides Lessons in Studying School Climate," Education Week (Jun. 18, 2013).

"Teachers Better at Rating Schools Than Parents and Students," Hechinger Report (Jun. 13, 2013).

"What's the Best Way to Measure School Climate?" Education Week: Rules for Engagement (Jun. 10, 2013).

"Assessing the Assessment: NYC's School Survey," The After-School Corporation Blog, (Jun. 10, 2013).

"Struggling Students Tend to Apply to Weaker High Schools," Schoolbook (Apr. 25, 2013).

"Bloomberg, Walcott Announce 78 New Schools To Open Next Fall," The Queens Gazette, (Apr. 3, 2013).

"With Legacy on His Mind, Mayor Adds More Schools," The New York Times, (Apr. 2, 2013).

"In Reports, Validation for City’s High School Gains, but Not its Data," Gotham Schools (Mar. 29, 2013).

"Disparities Found in NYC's System for Matching Students to Schools," Education Week (Mar. 27, 2013).

2011 in the News

"Study: High Teacher Turnover Could Trouble Middle School Reform," Gotham Schools (Nov. 4, 2011). 

"A Response From Joel Klein on Status Quo Apologists," The Answer Sheet (Washington Post) (Jun. 23, 2011).

"Progress In New York City Schools Under Chancellor Joel Klein," Huffington Post (Feb. 16, 2011).  

"Back to School for the Billionaires," Newsweek (May 1, 2011).