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The Education Justice Research and Organizing Collaborative (EJ-ROC)

Who is EJ-ROC?

The Education Justice Research and Organizing Collaborative (EJ-ROC) brings together researchers, data and policy analysts, and community organizers to provide critical research, data, policy and strategic support for the education justice movement, schools, and districts. We partner with grassroots organizations, schools, and districts to bridge community-based solutions with school and district policy. EJ-ROC aims to democratize education data, research and policy, maximize the synergy between research and community organizing, magnify the voices of grassroots communities of color, and advance the capacity of organizing efforts to design solutions, make demands, and sustain policy wins, and education systems change. EJ-ROC builds on the long tradition of movement-driven, community-derived research and uses an explicit racial justice lens in our two main areas of work.

Rapid Response Research and Strategic Assistance to Community Based Organizations 

  • Technical support for education organizing groups to employ campaign strategies and leadership development that help win research-based education policies
  • Training and support for coalition-building between organized parents, youth, teachers and other education stakeholders
  • On-demand research and data analysis, policy briefs, fact checks, fact sheets and infographics, generated within the fast-moving timeline of organizing campaigns
  • Original research driven by parent, youth and community concerns and insights, and tied directly to grassroots organizing campaigns

Technical Assistance and Training for Schools and Districts

  • Technical and strategic support for school and districts implementing equity-driven policies and practices 
  • Applied research support for root causes of segregation and inequality 
  • Equity coaching and mentoring for educators, school, district leaders, and policymakers 


Latest from EJ-ROC

From Crests to Valleys: NYC's Battle for Integration 70 Years After Brown

This report commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Brown v Board decision by examining the state of integration in New York City Public Schools, outlining the impact of policy, leadership, and community organizing on classroom desegregation efforts.

A Culturally Responsive Inventory for Social Workers, Therapists, Counselors, and Clinicians On An Anti-Oppressive Journey

EJ-ROC presents a Culturally Responsive Inventory for clinicians to enter the ongoing process of approaching a culturally responsive practice. To be a culturally responsive clinician is to constantly be aware of and reflect on your identity markers and how we you are working with clients through an equity lens.

Curriculum Author and Character Demographics

EJ-ROC conducted an analysis of the authorship and main character portrayal for three widely used elementary English Language Arts curriculum – Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw HIll, and Savvas Learning Company.

NYU Metro Center Launches the Real Integration Hub

This interactive hub is meant to preserve and archive the tools, resources, and policies achieved in the fight for integrated schools over the past 8 years, but to also situate the work to integrate NYC schools, in the long battle for racial justice in New York City.

Lessons in (In)Equity: An Evaluation of Cultural Responsiveness in Elementary ELA Curriculum

EJ-ROC conducted a culturally responsive evaluation of three widely used elementary school English Language Arts curriculum and found them to be demeaning and damaging to Black, indigenous and students of color.

Community Organizing for Education Justice

EJROC supports parents, youth and communities that are organizing for an honest, accurate and full-funded education, in the face of attacks on critical race theory and education equity.

NYC Culturally Responsive Education Working Group

Since 2018, The NYC CRE Working Group group has worked to push the NYC Department of Education to adopt policies at the school, district, and central level that embody and enact culturally responsive-sustaining education.

Culturally Responsive Curriculum Scorecards

The Culturally Responsive Curriculum Scorecard was designed to help parents, teachers, students, and community members determine the extent to which their schools’ English Language Arts curricula are culturally responsive.

CRE Hub: Research & Resources

A multimedia site that provides critical research, communications materials, and organizing toolkits for educators, parents, students, community members, and district leaders to build the movement for culturally responsive education. Here you can find evidence of the proven effectiveness of culturally responsive education and ethnic studies in schools.

Culturally Responsive Curriculum Scorecard Toolkit

This tool provides key questions that Scorecard facilitators (and those accountable for moving classrooms and schools toward cultural responsiveness) should address as they prepare for their next steps. The questions are designed to encourage a critical reflection on the process of scoring, identifying systemic barriers, opportunities, and supports for CRE curriculum, considerations for getting to CRE curriculum, and planning next steps.

EJ-ROC Policy Hub

The Policy Hub is a collection of short, accessible research briefs on topics essential to education equity. Each 2-3 page brief includes research evidence, key takeaways, helpful research links, and best examples of policy and practice.

CRE Guidebook

Transforming Our Public Schools: A Guidebook to Culturally Responsive Education is a colorful, accessible guide to what culturally responsive education looks like in the classroom, instruction, school climate, and family & community engagement.

Revisiting and Learning from the Legacy of Black Communities’ Education for Liberation Efforts

For centuries, Black people have spearheaded education for liberation, saving themselves and radically transforming America, leading us all to a more just society. This three-part blog series seeks to share this vital history as a guide and inspiration for liberatory education.

Integration and Innovation Initiative (i3)

I3 works with districts, schools, and communities in the United States and beyond to design and develop innovative and equitable solutions to educational segregation.


Culturally Responsive English Language Arts Curriculum Scorecard

EJ-ROC is proud to release a revised version of the Culturally Responsive English Language Arts Curriculum Scorecard. Originally released in 2019, the CRE Curriculum Scorecard has been used by hundreds of schools, districts, community organizations and colleges to evaluate and improve their curriculum.

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Metro Center and EJ-ROC created guidance on culturally responsive remote learning and parent engagement

NYU Steinhardt's Metro Center and EJ-ROC created guidance on culturally responsive remote learning and parent engagement. Read more on Metro's Culturally Responsive Education (CRE) Hub.

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EJ-ROC partnered with Chalkbeat to survey NYC students on their priorities for schooling during COVID-19.

The report explores student responses from a survey of New York City K-12 students about the reopening of schools for Fall 2020.

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