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Over the past year, public schools across the country have been roiled by attacks on critical race theory and education equity that aim to roll back the progress that parents, youth, and educators have made toward anti-racist schools that teach students the truth. 

EJ-ROC is excited to announce a partnership with Race Forward’s H.E.A.L. Together Initiative (Honest Education, Action and Leadership) and the Schott Foundation for Public Education to support parents, youth and communities that are organizing for an honest, accurate and full-funded education, in the face of attacks on critical race theory and education equity. 

Spring 2022 Training Series

We have launched a virtual training series on Advancing Honest Education: Strong Public Schools and a Multiracial Democracy. These trainings will be conducted in collaboration with amazing partner organizations, and include topics such as: The Manufacturing of the Culture Wars and the Politics of Division; Narratives that Overcome Divide-and-Conquer Politics with a Race-Class Framework; Strategic Campaign Planning; Outreach and Base-Building; Culturally Responsive Education Policies in Action; and Public Education as the Foundation of a Multiracial Democracy. You can find more information and register here

New Organizing Toolkit (April 2022)

We have released an Organizing Toolkit for Strong Schools and Multiracial Democracy that includes messaging guidance, organizing tools, and a Policy Drive that includes one-pagers and accessible policy resources on key policy topics, as well as sample school board resolutions, state legislation, and demographic analyses of top English Language Arts curricula nationally. Please use, share, and let us know if you have additional resources that should be included. 

Winning Racial Justice in Our Schools (August 2021)

In 2021, we released “Winning Racial Justice in Our Schools”, a resource for communities resisting attacks on education equity and organizing for anti-racist, culturally responsive schools. This toolkit is a one-stop shop to understand the context of the attacks, use effective talking points, get a message into the media, take action through local organizing, advocate for anti-racist education policies, and run for school board.  

If you have questions or additions to any of these tools, or would like support with your effort, please contact