Guides and Resources for Educators of ELLs

Resources to help educators with the diverse educational needs of English Language Learners (ELLs).

NEW! Maximizing Language Development During Integrated ENL Classes (Grades 6-12)

NEW! New York State Teacher Certification Requirements - Presentation by Nancy King Wang

NEW! Template for Content Area and English as a New Language Planning

NEW! Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages Resources List

NEW! Best Practices for High School ELL Programming

NEW! Edutopia - Resources for Teaching English-Language Learners

Advancing the Academic Listening and Writing Abilities of Grades 3-8 Transitioning and Expanding ELLs 

Advancing the Academic Listening and Writing Abilities of High School Transitioning & Expanding ELLs 

Art as a Tool for Teachers of ELLs   

Biliteracy From the Start: Literacy Squared In Action

Clinically Rich Intensive Teacher Institute (CR-ITI) 

Co-Teaching for ELLs

Co-Teaching for ELLs (Grades 9-12)

CR Part 154 Documents 

Effective Practices for Holistically Educating English Language Learners in New York State 

Glossaries and Instructional Materials 

Integrated ENL: Programming for ELLs

Language and Culture Guides 

Maximizing Language Development in Integrated ENL/Content Area Classes (Grades 6-12)

New York State Seal of Biliteracy

Pathways to Obtain Additional Certification in Bilingual Education and/or TESOL 

Planning Effective ENL Instruction K-8

Roadmap to College Brochure

Spanish Native Language Arts Curriculum Guide (SNLACG)

Unpacking the Bilingual Common Core Progressions to Enhance the Home Language Arts Classroom: Grades 3 Through 8

Patricia Velasco, Nov. 1, 2016: Bilingual Common Core Progressions: ELL Bi-Literacy Development

A workshop designed to support Bilingual and/or Home Language Arts teachers in implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) with ELLs.
Elementary and Middle School Presentation  |  High School Presentation 
Handout 1  |  Handout 2a and 2b  |  English Language Developmet - Guidelines for Instruction
The Role of Background Knowledge in the Implementation of Standard 10 for Reading
NLAP RI Grade K  |  NLAP RI Grade 4  |  NLAP RI Grades 9-10

Chinese Language Arts Curriculum Project (Secondary School Level) - Designed to provide educators with a guide which contains the suggested benchmarks, scope and sequence and performance tasks (indicators) which are essential to the development of proficiency in the Chinese language.

Directory of Spanish Instructional Materials and Resources - The purpose of this directory is to assist schools with Spanish bilingual programs in identifying the best possible instructional materials currently available in Spanish.

Guidelines for Educating Limited English Proficient Students with Interrupted Formal Education (LEP/ELL SIFES) 2011

Haitian Creole Language Arts Curriculum Project (Grades K-5)
Introduction | Grade K | Grade 1 | Grade 2 | Grade 3 | Grade 4 | Grade 5  

Promising Instructional Practices for Secondary English Language Learners (Grade 7-12) 

Resource Guide for Educating Refugee Children and Youth in New York State 2010

Resource Guide for the Education of New York State Students from Caribbean Countries Where English is the Medium of Instruction   

Suggested Spanish Literature and Reading Books for Grades K-12

Two-Way Bilingual Education Programs: A Resource Guide (December 2010)

Welcome to Our School Program - This program is designed by the Bureau of Refugee and Immigrant Assistance (BRIA) to ease the transition of refugee children into the elementary and secondary schools of New York State.