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Research Studio at Music and Audio Research Laboratory


Current Projects

Music and Auditory Perception and Cognition

Faculty focusing on modeling the complex mental processes involved in the perception and production of music. Our approach integrates theoretical modeling, experimental psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and computation.

Immersive Audio Group

A voluntary student organization specializing in spatial audio research projects. The focus of the group lies in the capture, analysis, synthesis, and reproduction of immersive auditory environments.

Reconfigurable Environmental Intelligence Platform

This project aims to alleviate many complex aspects of remote sensing, including sensor node design, privacy issues, bandwidth, and centralized compute limitations, bringing down start up times from years to weeks.

S3D: Spatial Sound Scene Description

Computational approaches for describing real-world spatial sound scenes


The use of embedded machine listening as a low-cost, turnkey solution for early detection of machinery malfunction and improve predictive maintenance.

Music Experience Design Lab

We create new technologies and experiences for music making, learning, and engagement.


Citygram aims to deliver a real-time visualization/mapping system focusing on non-ocular energies through scale-accurate, non-intrusive, and data-driven interactive digital maps.

NEA Research Lab on Sustainable Entrepreneurship in the Performing Arts

NEA Research Lab on Sustainable Entrepreneurship in the Performing Arts is focused on entrepreneurship and innovation in classical music training programs.

Past Projects

Automatic Musical Accompaniment Using Finite State Machines

The aim of this project is to automatically generate musical accompaniments for a given melodic sequence.


BirdVox aims to investigate machine listening techniques for the automatic detection and classification of free-flying bird species from their vocalizations.

Cover Song Identification

The task of cover song identification is a relevant one in the field of Music Informatics Research. We have been working on methods to identify covers in large datasets, more specifically on the Million Song Dataset.

Chord Recognition

The general music learning public places a high demand on chord-based representations of popular music, as evidenced by large online communities surrounding websites like e-chords or Ultimate Guitar.

Gordon Database

Gordon is a database management system for working with large audio collections.


The NYU Holodeck is an immersive, collaborative, virtual/ physical research environment providing unparalleled tools for research collaborations, intellectual exploration, and creative output.

Mobile Music

An effective and simple technique to add force feedback to any mobile computing device by using the accelerometer data and attaching a small foam padding to the device

Science Of Music

The Science of Music is a place for musicians to connect their skills with science and technology.

Sonic Spaces

The Sonic Spaces Project, is comprised of the composition of and research into sonic ecosystems.

Sounds of New York City (SONYC)

The objectives of SONYC are to create technological solutions for: The systematic, constant monitoring of noise pollution at city scale; Broadening citizen participation in noise reporting and mitigation and more