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Hallway at the Music and Audio Research Laboratory


MARL is an interdisciplinary center at the intersection of science, technology, music and sound, with research connecting a wide range of fields from computing and artificial intelligence, immersive experiences and algorithmic composition, to the latest advances in neuroimaging of the human brain. Our work focuses on (a) understanding and modeling the human cognitive and neural mechanism supporting music and sound processing, (b) innovating the analysis, organization and retrieval of acoustic data, and (c) advancing applications of high societal value in health, accessibility, creativity, and education.

The initiative aims to provide a forum that increases the visibility and contextualizes the work of NYU faculty, post-doctoral researchers, and doctoral, master and undergraduate students, interested in the intersection of music and science. By providing a space for discovery and discussion, MARL seeks to spark collaborations across departments and schools that have the potential to evolve into inter-disciplinary research, co-supervised student work, joint publications, grant writing, curricular development, event organization and artistic output.


Meet the Faculty, Postdoctoral Researchers, and Students in the Music and Audio Research Laboratory

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The generous sponsors who support the work at MARL.

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