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MARL Holodeck Concept


MARL Holodeck Concept


The NYU Holodeck is an NSF MRI Track 2 Development project that will create an immersive, collaborative, virtual/ physical research environment providing unparalleled tools for research collaborations, intellectual exploration, and creative output.

To prototype the transition from projection to functional AR, MR and VR simulations, our interdisciplinary team will develop an instrument and educational environment that facilitates enticing research and creates an experiential supercomputing infrastructure that empowers students, faculty, and researchers to develop new knowledge and disseminate powerful new integrated, multimodal tools and techniques.


The audio capabilities of the instrument will use loudspeaker and HRTF-processed headphones, capable of reproducing high quality spatial audio. High quality headphones (e.g. Sennheiser HD650) will be equipped with Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) processing technology through the Max/MSP software. HRTFs will be personally measured using ScanIR - the impulse response measurement software developed at NYU, or user selected using procedures such scan IR, an impulse response software developed at NYU.

The instrument will be the first integrated auditory system, comprised of the most advanced audio reproduction systems that is tightly coupled with multimodal capacities across all equipment categories.