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Immersive Audio Tool

Immersive Audio Group

3D Audio Experiences for Virtual Reality

The Immersive Audio Group at NYU Steinhardt is a voluntary student organization specializing in spatial audio research projects.

Our projects aim to explore the recording of immersive audio/video experiences by integrating 360 video capture with different binaural, transaural, multi-channel and soundfield recording and mixing techniques. The projects explore various kind of scenarios from static to dynamic setups, with the ultimate goal of recording a full 360° sphere of musical events in New York City. The recorded material is prepared for reproduction in Virtual Reality headsets, where the user can freely pan through the audiovisual scene and enjoy a dynamic 3D audio environment.

The group also takes up the challenge of developing new VR software tools for the manipulation of sound through interactive controls within the experience. These tools are intended to aid the audio engineer in designing and mixing a VR audio scene, and also establish interaction controls between listeners and sound objects.

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