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Steinhardt Undergraduate Bulletin 2014-2016

Steinhardt Undergraduate Bulletin 2012-2014

Steinhardt Undergraduate Bulletin 2010-2012

Steinhardt Undergraduate Bulletin 2008-2010 

Steinhardt Undergraduate Bulletin 2006-2008

Steinhardt Undergraduate Bulletin 2004-2006

Steinhardt Undergraduate Bulletin 2002-2004

School of Education Undergraduate Bulletin 2000-2002

School of Education Undergraduate Bulletin 1998-2000

Steinhardt Graduate Bulletin 2013-2015

Steinhardt Graduate Bulletin 2011-2013

Steinhardt Graduate Bulletin 2009-2011

Steinhardt Graduate Bulletin 2007-2009 


Guides and Handbooks

Academic Honors

Academic and Student Services Guide

Guiding Principles of Advisement

Getting Started Guide for New Graduate Students

New Undergraduate Student Experience

Quick Guide to Undergraduate Programs

Special Student Information Guide

Statement on Academic Integrity

Steinhardt Student Guide

NYU Student Guide


Advisor Worksheet

Allocation of Specialization Courses

Audit Request Form

Cancellation of Minor or Double Major

Change of Major Form

Co-Curricular Activities Fund

Course Permission

Double Major Declaration

Drop/Add Form

Extension of Matriculation for Master's Degree and Certificate Students

Full- and Half-Time Equivalency Form

Graduate Transfer Credit Request

Incomplete Grade

Independent Study

Leave of Absence/Exit Interview

Master's Thesis Approval

Minor Declaration

Off-Campus Course Petition

Pass/Fail Grade Request: Students Studying in NEW YORK ONLY

Pass/Fail Grade Request: Students Studying AWAY ONLY

Refund Appeal Process

Registration Worksheet

Student Advisement Worksheet

Student Business Card

Transfer Credit Award

Transfer Credit Statement

Undergraduate Course Substitution

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