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These Bilingual Glossaries and Cognates were created for educators, students, parents, and families in supporting instruction for our English language learners. These glossaries may be downloaded, printed and disseminated to educators, parents and ELLs/MLLs.

Bilingual glossaries are an essential and expected test accommodation for ELLs/MLLs in the State of New York. The languages of these glossaries cover the top 10 languages at the state level, with new languages added based on changing language populations in the NY State student demographic data. 

Schools should provide testing accommodations to ELLs/MLLs, as needed, on all NYS ELA and content-area assessments (i.e., Mathematics, Science and Social Studies). Districts/schools must make all necessary arrangements to make these accommodations available for ELLs/MLLs who need them. Please click here for the New York State Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages Webpage on "Assessment and Testing Accommodations".


NYS Next Generation Math Learning Standards 
Chinese | EnglishSpanish

NYS Next Generation Math Learning Standards - One-to-one  translation of terms only
Arabic | Bengali | Chinese  | Haitian | Russian | Spanish | Urdu

Glossary of Verbs Associated with the New York State Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards
Arabic | Bengali | Chinese  | EnglishHaitian | Russian | Spanish | Urdu

Math Glossaries

Elementary School Math

Middle School Math

High School Integrated Algebra

High School Geometry

High School Algebra 2

High School Calculus

High School Common Core Math Terms Addenda

Supplementary Math Glossaries

Science Glossaries

Elementary School Science

Middle School Science

High School Earth Science

High School Living Environment (Biology)

High School Chemistry

High School Physics

Supplementary Science Glossaries

Key Terms Used to Describe Practices Related to the Education of ELLs in New York State