Center for Policy, Research, and Evaluation

The Center for Policy, Research, and Evaluation conducts applied research and evaluation studies focused on promoting positive educational outcomes for youth, and understanding the influence of both schools and communities on those outcomes. Its goal is to use research to inform educational policies and practices at federal, state, local, and programmatic levels. See our flyer | Active Projects 


Our mission is to make research and evaluation for education that is action-oriented, liberating, accessible, and results in more equitable systems, policies, and practices.
Recognizing that research is often used as a tool of domination, we believe in the reclamation of research tools to illuminate marginalized truths, stories, and experiences.

We pursue our mission:

  • in solidarity with youth, parents, educators, and communities that have been historically marginalized by oppression;

  • collaboratively with researchers and practitioners from universities and community-based organizations;

  • using a critical lens in our work and in our own personal development;

  • with culturally responsive quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods;

  • through rigorous and thoughtful work that affirms humanity. 

Who We Are

Ismanuela Denis

Joanna Geller

Elise Harris

Evan M. Johnston

Hui-Ling Malone

Pamela D'Andrea Montalbano

Sara McAlister

Leah Peoples

Wendy Perez

Joy Sanzone

Rosann Tung, Director