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closeup on a hand raised in a high school classroom

Youth Organizing Trajectories Study

The NYU Metro Center, Algorhythm, and Dr. Matthew Diemer of University of Michigan, are conducting a three year, mixed methods research study to understand the trajectories of young people who participate in youth organizing (YO). We are partnering with five experienced YO groups with track records of developing strong leaders and winning policy campaigns. Specifically, we will follow YO participants from their recruitment across multiple years of participation to understand how YO participation contributes to growth in critical consciousness (CC)  and developmental competencies (DC) and in turn, supports school engagement. We are recruiting a comparison group of young people who participate in youth development settings that foster DC among their participants, but do not explicitly address CC. This comparison group allows us to understand the role that CC plays in school and civic engagement, and to understand how YO settings compare to more traditional youth development settings. The Youth Organizing Trajectories Study will advance scholarship, policy, and practice by clarifying whether and how YO groups impact critical consciousness and developmental competencies and school engagement among youth.

Partners and Funders: