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Young Kenyans' views on politics, the state & the future

Students of St. George’s Girls’ Secondary School in Nairobi.

Photo by Simon Maina/AFP via Getty Images

Drs. Elisabeth King, Dana Burde, Daphna Harel, and PRIISM Director Jennifer Hill recently published an article titled "Young Kenyans have their say about politics, corruption and their sense of belonging" in The Conversation. The article highlights research findings from the THINK project.

Article Excerpt

"Our recently published research sought to document the views of young Kenyans about politics, the state and the future. Our study was based on a survey of more than 4,750 students in the final year of secondary school in Nairobi, which is home to 10% of the national population.

The young people we surveyed in May and June 2017 were perceptive about the challenges facing the country, civically engaged, and hopeful about the future. Our data presents important insights on many of the high-stakes issues currently up for debate.

Our findings suggest that it is time to take youth seriously as politically important actors."

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