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Total Infections of Covid-19 in China by Province

A3SR Visualization Competition Second Place Winner, Yu Ran

Every year, PRIISM runs a student visualization competition to display and highlight the talents of the A3SR graduate students. 

The visualization content second place winner, A3SR student Yu Ran, submitted a visualization titled "Total Infections of Covid-19 in China by Province" which depicts the total number of confirmed cases in each province of China. The three provinces (Jilin, Hubei and Taiwan) marked in dark red have experienced serious epidemics, with the number of people infected reaching 10,000. The numbers of infections in western China (most of them are less than 600) are much smaller than in eastern China. By comparing with the population data, the infection rate in western China is still lower than that in eastern China. It supposes that the degree of economic development and population mobility should be considered to explain the result.