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Statistics Using R: An Integrated Approach

Statistics Using R Textbook Cover

Sharon Weinberg and Daphna Harel's published a textbook, Statistics Using R: An Integrated Approach.

Abstract: Using numerous examples with real data, this textbook closely integrates the learning of statistics with the learning of R. It is suitable for introductory-level learners, allows for curriculum flexibility, and includes, as an online resource, R-code script files for all examples and figures included in each chapter for students to learn from and adapt and use in their future data analytic work.  Other unique features created specifically for this textbook include an online R tutorial that introduces readers to data frames and other basic elements of the R architecture, and a CRAN library of datasets and functions that is used throughout the book. Essential topics often overlooked in other introductory texts, such as data management, are covered.  The textbook includes online solutions to all end-of-chapter exercises and powerpoint slides for all chapters as additional resources, and is suitable for those who do not have a strong background in mathematics.

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