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Head-Related Impulse Responses Repository

This HRIR repository consist of 113 dataset from 4 publicly available HRTF databases, namely the LISTEN ,CIPIC FIU and MIT-KEMAR . All data was converted to the MARL-NYU file format, to allow for a smooth navigation between sets originating from different databases. No further processing was applied. Datasets fully maintain their original information. More information on the specifics of each database, as well as the outline of the repository  can be found in the documentation, available in the Downloads section.

The MARL-NYU file format

The MARL-NYU file format, presented in the 131st Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention in New York, is designed to hold filters in their original, recorded form, avoiding the need for any ad hoc transformations, while minimizing data redundancy. By offering the option of holding supplementary, database-specific information such as the sampling rate, filter length, distance from the sound source, type of excitation signal, etc., it allows for uniformity while preserving the original characteristics of each database.

All data in a subject’s set of measurements is organized in two different components: the data array of structures and the specs structure. Data holds all the location-specific information of the measurements, while specs hold all the general information of a measured HRTF set. More information on the format specifications can be found in the Downloads section, as well as in the corresponding AES publication.


When using the MARL HRIR repository data, please reference this paper in your work.

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Disclaimer: All HRTF datasets in the repository are bound by the copyright restrictions of the original databases. Users can locate the individual copyright notes in the websites of each database (links are provided at the top of this page).

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A. Genovese, J. Juras, C. Miller and A. Roginska
Investigation of ITD Symmetry in measured HRIRs
International Conference on Auditory Display, 2016