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NYU-LEARN: Building the future of data-informed teaching & learning research

The Learning Analytics Research Network (LEARN) combines deep expertise in advanced data science methods with practiced skill in the research and development of innovative learning approaches to support the university in becoming a living learning system. Explore our website or read this short brochure to learn more.

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Announcing a New LEARN Report

Prioritizing Equity in Learning Analytics

Analytic technologies offer powerful opportunities to identify and address inequitable situations in education, but also run the danger of perpetuating or exacerbating them. This report both examines patterns of student enrollment and performance in introductory biology and raises critical questions about whether the assumptions and limitations inherent in this class of analysis best serve the interests of the students they aim to aid.

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Introducing LA 101

Learning Analytics 101

LA 101 is a curated set of informative and timely resources to help people interested in learning analytics get up to speed on the latest in the field.

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Reflections on Scaling Up Learning Analytics

Read LEARN postdoctoral scholar Qiujie Li's summary and extension of Maren Scheffel and John Whitmer's recent conversation about scaling up LA.

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What is Learning Analytics?

PhD, Educational Communication and Technology

LEARN is highly integrated with the rigorous research-oriented doctorate program of Educational Communication and Technology. Work with technology-based multimedia learning environments and research the factors that influence learning when individuals and groups engage with these environments and each other.

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MA, Digital Media Design for Learning with Learning Analytics Concentration

LEARN is highly integrated with the academic program of Digital Media Design for Learning. Design rich technology-based, multimedia learning environments, understand and evaluate their use in varied educational settings, and conduct research on how people learn with technology.

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