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Video Game Workshop


Research Project and Activity

Exploring VR for Learning

How do virtual reality's unique affordances foster academic learning? In this project, we explore ways of designing interactive simulations in immersive virtual reality that better promote science learning.


A global, multi-stakeholder and cross-sectoral initiative that investigates how the design of children’s digital experiences affects their well-being, and provides guidance for informed design choices to promote positive outcomes.


Rates of suicide among U.S. military veterans are estimated at 20 per day. Vets also experience rates of PTSD and depression far higher than the general population. DE-CRUIT uses Shakespeare to treat these and other issues.

Looking Inside

Simulations and workbooks that give students the chance to build and dissect their own living cells, control the stages of mitosis, specialize their cells before becoming tissues, build the solar system and more.


Digital Reference of Experiments and Assessments Manager (DREAM) is a Web-based research platform application used to create and administer experiments for development, cognitive and educational psychology research.

Executive Functions Training Games

EF Suite is a fully developed set of executive function (EF) training games built by CREATE lab to improve EF skills for middle school, high school, and college students

Games for Learning Institute

A collaboration between seven partner universities with support from Microsoft Research that is dedicated to advancing the design, use, and evaluation of computer games in formal and informal educational settings.

Learning environments across disciplines (LEADS)

Supporting technology rich learning across disciplines

Plant Tracer

A time-lapse App for students to identify, visualize, quantify and report novel mutants in plant motion.

Simulations and Games Learning Analytics and Data Mining Workshop

A convening of researchers and practitioners in Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining for educational simulations and games to discuss issues related to the collection and analysis of data.


A collaborative project to create an effective, low-cost courseware solution for introductory statistics.

Summer Melt

Our project is building an intelligent chatbot and using crowdsourced mentoring to support low-income high school students’ enrollment in college.

The NYU Holodeck

An immersive, collaborative, virtual/ physical research environment providing unparalleled tools for research collaborations, intellectual exploration, and creative output.


A learning game that is designed to teach middle and high school students about artificial intelligence concepts.