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Learning environments across disciplines (LEADS)

Learning Environments Across Disciplines (LEADS) is an international research partnership funded by the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Partnership Grant, headed by Professor Susanne P. Lajoie at McGill University. LEADS is devoted to improving learning and engagement in schools, from middle school to university, by bringing together educators, psychologists, computer scientists, engineers, physicians, historians and students across six countries, 18 universities and 13 partner organizations, to conduct cutting-edge research in fostering 21st century skills through the use of innovative forms of technology that span across disciplines and subject-matters (such as cognition, affect, assessment, computational modeling, machine learning, educational data mining, and digital video ethnography).

Funder Info

PIs: Sue Lajoie, Roger Azevedo, Jan L. Plass 
Funder: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada