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Internship Opportunities

CREATE Internship Opportunities for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

The CREATE Lab is hosting interns interested in either a research or technical development track to contribute to a variety of projects and research products focused on digital learning experiences. This opportunity is open to current undergraduate and graduate NYU students to apply to each semester, with a commitment of between 5 and 10 working hours per week at our 370 Jay Street location in Brooklyn Campus. Intern tasks may include:


  • Learning about the research process: attending project meetings, reading relevant materials, introductions to IRB, grants, and academic publications 
  • Assisting with research preparation: competitive market analyses, literature reviews
  • Supporting data collection: recruitment efforts, preparation of materials and equipment including playtesting and troubleshooting, introductions to tools (e.g., Qualtrics, SPSS), CITI certification, and logistics during school visits


  • Coding in Unity, UE4, WebXR, C++, or HTML5/JavaScript frameworks
  • Practicing the AGILE product development process: working directly with programmers, designers and researchers to improve product features, updated builds and new prototypes
  • Creating product deliverables: digital art assets, wireframes, level and game environment designs (e.g. VR science simulations, cognitive training games)

Benefits and Accreditations

While internships are unpaid, credit is available if requested, either through cooperation with faculty in other departments, or as Independent Study with Dr. Jan L. Plass (45 hours = 1 unit). Interns who successfully completed their internship may also have the opportunity to other paid hourly student positions at the lab. 

In addition to providing hands-on experience, CREATE will also provide interns: 

  • help in translating skills from the internship to future employers on resumes 
  • opportunities to learn from and network with leaders in the field at events and talks
  • feedback on portfolios to share research and development project experience 

How to Apply

You must be a current NYU student to be considered. Send a Resume and brief Cover Letter with answers to the following questions: 

  1. What would you like to gain from an internship at the CREATE lab? 
  2. What experience do you bring to this internship at the CREATE lab?
  3. Which track are you interested in, and what about it most appeals to you?
  4. Which semester / year are you interested in taking the internship and your availabilities?

Send all materials to CREATE's administration and Operations Manager Chloe Sun with CREATE Research Internship or CREATE Development Internship as title.  

  • Annabeth Gao, Development Intern
  • Harshilkumar Patel, Development Intern
  • Jiayu Du, Development Intern
  • Julissa Laugnelet, Design Intern
  • Olive Liu, Research Intern
  • Serena Jin, Research Intern
  • Starry Wang, Design Intern
  • Yili Emeraldan Han, Development Intern
  • Zander Ziyu Chen, JR Web Development Intern
  • Ziyu Qi, Data Science Intern
  • Eva Yutzu Chen, 3D Design Intern
  • Evie Yanting Wang, 3D Design Intern