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NYU professor and Steinhardt Institute fellow Liang Zhang's new research on the value of college degree amidst rising tuition

March 12, 2024

NYU Professor Liang Zhang recently published a new study with co-authors Xiangmin Liu from Rutgers University and Yitong Hu, who is an NYU doctoral fellow in the higher education program. The study has been highlighted in numerous articles nationwide including Forbes, CNBC, and Diverse Issues in Higher Education

From AERA Communications: "A new analysis of 5.8 million Americans finds that earning a college degree is still a sound investment, although the rate of economic return varies across college majors and student demographics. The findings come as skepticism continues to grow over the value of a degree in the face of rising college costs, a decline in college enrollment, and a transforming economy... 'Our cost-benefit analysis finds that on average a college degree offers better returns than the stock market,' said study coauthor Liang Zhang, a professor of higher education at the NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. 'However, there are significant differences across college majors and the return is higher for women than men.'”  

Read the full press release from AERA Communications

Ann Marcus quoted in article about Republican attacks on tenure in higher education

March 3, 2024

From The Hill: "If the current trend continues, warns Ann Marcus, professor and director of the Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy at New York University, we could see 'the research function of the university really start to vanish.' ... 'I mean, some people say, ‘Just abolish tenure.’ You really lose one of the main purposes of having universities, which is the production of new knowledge, whether it’s a scientific breakthrough or a new understanding of archaeology,' said Marcus."

Read the full article from The Hill

Ann Marcus interviewed by multiple news outlets about university donor relations in wake of Harvard & Penn backlash

October 24, 2023

CNN, Times Higher Education, and the Daily News interviewed Professor of Higher Education & Steinhardt Institute of Higher Education Policy director Ann Marcus for insights on how colleges and universities can navigate donor relations, as tensions mount on campuses across the country.   

From Times Higher Ed: "Donor pressure has long been part of life for those in academic governance, said Ann Marcus, a professor of higher education at New York University who has served in top leadership roles at NYU and other institutions. But this moment 'is qualitatively different and quantitatively different – in the amount of money, the threats, the interference, the judging of institutions and presidents,' Professor Marcus said. The result, she said, was that US higher education now needed to reflect – especially after decades of public disinvestment – on how well it was truly able to protect its mission from outside forces. 'I do think this is really a big inflection point,' Professor Marcus said."

Steinhardt Institute fellow Mike Hoa Nguyen interviewed about President Biden’s proclamation honoring AANAPISIs

September 27, 2023

From NBC News: “Nguyen explained that the creation of the [Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institutions (AANAPISI)] designation in 2007 was the result of work from activists and scholars... 'We see students have a greater sense of belonging and they feel like they see themselves on campus and in the curriculum because of these [AANAPISI] grants,' Nguyen said. 'All sorts of measures, quantitative and qualitative, show … the benefits are pretty widespread.'"

Read the full article on NBC New

Teboho Moja delivers keynote address for “Negotiating the Fabric of the African University” conference at the University of Cape Town 

September 21, 2023

From the University of Cape Town News: "The morning session’s main presentation was a keynote address, titled “Emerging operating modes in African universities: Innovations in teaching, research and community engagement” by Dr Teboho Moja, a professor of higher education at New York University, an extraordinary professor at the University of the Western Cape, and a visiting research fellow at the University of Pretoria. This was bookended by a series of introductory talks and a round-table discussion on issues of governance."

Read the full article on the University of Cape Town News 

NYU assistant professor and Steinhardt Institute fellow Mike Hoa Nguyen is awarded a NSF grant to examine AANAPISIs 

September 1, 2023

From the grant abstract: "Low-income first-generation Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander college students are concentrated in the nation's Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institutions (AANAPISI)... This project is designed to generate knowledge about how AANAPISIs enact "servingness." The three lines of inquiry include 1) investigating how practitioners define and enact supports for students (i.e., servingness); 2) understanding how students experience servingness and how this relates to their academic and psychosocial outcomes, including racial identity development; and 3) an analysis of the impact of a tutoring program on multilingual college students' outcomes."

Read the full grant abstract on the National Science Foundation award page

Ann Marcus provides critical context for Wallet Hub article on best states for racial equality in education

June 6, 2023

Dr. Ann L. Marcus, professor of higher education and director of the Steinhardt Institute of Higher Education Policy, emphasizes the long history of discriminatory policies affecting access to education and the challenges in evaluating educational opportunity at the state level rather than the local level.  

Read the full article on Wallet Hub 

NYU assistant professor and Steinhardt Institute fellow Mike Hoa Nguyen's Minority-Serving Institution work profiled  

March 22, 2023

The Chronicle of Higher EducationInside Higher Ed, and INSIGHT into Diversity each profiled the work of Assistant Professor of Education Mike Hoa Nguyen, whose Minority-Serving Institutions (MSI) Data Project seeks to counter inaccurate and inconsistent MSI data used by federal agencies and researchers.  In the Chronicle article, Dr. Nguyen shares: “Our hope is … for MSI leaders, advocates, and policymakers to use this body of research, as well as our data dashboards, to make better informed decisions that promote equitable educational outcomes for students.” 


Ann Marcus reflects on NY Governor Hochul's higher ed budget

February 24, 2023

Dr. Ann L. Marcus, professor of higher education and director of the Steinhardt Institute of Higher Education Policy, shares her thoughts on the state reinvesting in higher ed, tuition increases, and colleges' operating needs. “It sounds like [Hochul’s] trying to make up for some serious cuts over time,” she said. “It’s not enough to make up for it, but it would be at least a step in the right direction.”

Read the full article in Diverse Issues 

NYU assistant professor and Steinhardt Institute fellow Dr. Mike Hoa Nguyen discusses affirmative action on Council on Foreign Relations webinar 

December 7, 2022

"Certainly Asian Americans have been engaged in affirmative action debate since the 1970s, but these lawsuits have really placed them front and center in sort of our national debate. So, I think it’s really important to also note that while empirical research demonstrates and shows that the majority of Asian Americans are actually in support of affirmative action, a very vocal minority of Asian Americans are certainly opposed to race-conscious admissions and are part of these lawsuit efforts."

Watch the webinar on Affirmative Action

Steinhardt Institute fellow Dr. Stella Flores (UT Austin) discusses the implications of reversing affirmative action in college admissions with NPR

November 1, 2022

Dr. Stella Flores highlights the growing diversity, enduring segregation, and the role of education in the leadership pipeline for the country.  "The data speak for themselves. And it's nice to have a hope, but hope does not increase college completion. Hope does not equalize opportunities."

Listen to the full NPR segment on Affirmative Action

Steinhardt Institute panel on "Affirmative Action & the Supreme Court" featuring Dr. Mike Hoa Nguyen & Dr. Stella Flores

October 13, 2022

From Inside Higher Ed: "As the Supreme Court prepares to hear two related cases that could re-shape or ban affirmative action in America, New York University’s Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy convened a panel of experts to discuss the legal battle and what might happen next."

Read the full Diverse Issues in Higher Education article on Affirmative Action panel

Teboho Moja presents at International Doctoral Research Conference on Higher Education  

April 16, 2022

In a joint panel session, students at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi, Ghana participated virtually with NYU students around the world. Moja's speech was titled, “Pandemics and the changing nature of research: How should researchers respond?” 

Read more about the conference 

Ann Marcus reflects on Cardona's first year as US Secretary of Education

March 17, 2022

From Diverse Issues in Higher Education: "Dr. Ann Marcus, professor of higher education and director of The Steinhardt Institute of Higher Education Policy at New York University (NYU), raised another point of contention among many in the higher education community. The Biden administration has been voicing support for doubling the Pell Grant for low-income students, but that has not yet happened..." 

Read the full article in Diverse Issues 

Teboho Moja on geographic bias in academic research assessment

January 27, 2022

From University World News (Africa Edition): "Ongoing concerns over geographical biases in the evaluation of scientific research that could be disadvantaging Africa scholars remain and suggest the need for ongoing and targeted efforts to address inequalities in knowledge production and publication...

“The fact that this geographic bias in academic research assessment is still occurring on a large scale is, in itself, an indicator of the struggles with unequal power relations between the North and South as far as knowledge production is concerned,” [Teboho Moja & Fabrice Jaumont] said. “Studies have indicated that there is more cited work of African scholars’ work if they publish jointly with a scholar from the northern hemisphere,” they added."

Read the full article on geographic bias in University World News

Steinhardt Institute Fellows Liang Zhang (NYU) & Tatiana Melguizo (USC) reflect on Class of 2020 Student Debt Report 

December 1, 2021

From Diverse Issues in Higher Education:  "The Institute for College Access and Success (TICAS) recently released a report on student debt loads among borrowers who graduated in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree from public and private non-profit colleges. Key findings from the report, titled “Student Debt and the Class of 2020,” noted that debt at many institutions stayed high amid the pandemic, though with regional and institutional differences."

Liang Zhang (NYU Professor of Higher Education) is quoted raising considerations including the debt-burden for students who do not graduate, borrowing trends at for-profit colleges, and the question of private loans; while Tatiana Melguizo (USC Rossier School of Education Professor) offers reflections on barriers to college for underrepresented and undocumented students, especially in light of the pandemic, and the varying economic value of degrees by institution type.  

Read the full article on Class of 2020 student debt in Diverse Issues in Higher Ed

Panel on "Missing Men" Highlighted by Diverse Issues in Higher Education 

November 18, 2021

"NYU’s Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education hosted a Zoom panel Thursday entitled “The Missing Men: How Can Higher Education Respond?” The timing couldn’t have been more appropriate. Hours earlier, the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) released data showing that during the COVID-19 pandemic, male college enrollment declined at significantly higher rates than that of women, just the latest evidence of a trend that has stretched back decades."

Read the full Diverse Issues in Higher Education article on Missing Men panel

Ann Marcus: College affordability considerations for NY Gov. Hochul 

August 17, 2021

"'Most community college students are not full-time. They can’t afford to be full-time so they’re not eligible for Excelsior,' said Marcus...The scholarship 'was planned in a few days with no real input from people in the higher education sector,' said Marcus.  With a new governor in the office next week, Marcus hopes that Hochul could appoint a panel to reexamine the program and include more educators in the discussion."

Read the full Diverse Issues in Higher Education article on NY higher education

Ann Marcus on an educated workforce & navigating economic shock

July 19, 2021

"The extreme inequality that besets the country will impede economic progress and social harmony. There are already evidence of precipitous enrollment declines in public community colleges and many four-year colleges due to financial hardship and prolonged isolation and stress. The most important thing the government can do is to dramatically increase Pell grants and other forms of financial aid for students and to assist broad access institutions in creating outreach and support to their students and communities."

Read the full WalletHub article on most & least educated cities

Stella Flores: The Elephant in the Room for the New Education Secretary

January 4, 2021

"The racial and wealth inequality built into our nation's most viable system of opportunity -- the education sector -- should be at the forefront of any policy conversation, argues Stella M. Flores."

Read the Inside HigherEd article on educational inequality by Stella Flores

Ann Marcus reflects on college rankings 

October 19, 2020

Ann Marcus and a panel of other experts respond to key questions about college rankings on the topics of value, return on investment, endowments, affordability, and post-college employment prospects.  

Read more about Ann Marcus discusses college rankings

An interview with Dr. Stella Flores about equitable college access

October 1, 2020

Dr. Stella Flores talks with Ithaka S+R about policies to ensure equitable access to well-resourced colleges and universities.

Read more about an interview with Dr. Stella Flores

Teboho Moja offers insight on improving the US community college system

August 17, 2020

Teboho Moja and a panel of other experts respond to key questions about improving the U.S. community-college system on the topics of free tuition, educational quality, transfer and workforce preparation, pressing issues and potential solutions.  

Read the article about Teboho Moja offers insight on improving the US community college system

Ann Marcus quoted in POLITICO article on the use of college admissions tests

August 10, 2020

Ann Marcus was quoted in the POLITICO article, Momentum Grows for Removing Testing in CUNY Undergrad Admissions, on the issue of high stakes testing and college accessibility.

Read the article on POLITICO

Matthew Mayhew: Half of college graduates may be headed for unemployment

May 12, 2020

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) revealed last week that 14.7 percent of Americans (or roughly 23 million) are now unemployed as a result of COVID-19. It’s the highest unemployment rate since the Bureau started tracking unemployment on a monthly basis in 1948, with some saying the real number is actually much higher.

The Bureau’s report also detailed job losses by industry, with some of the greatest losses in industries that college students flock to: Education and health services (-2,544,000), professional and business services (-2,128,000) and government (-980,000). 

Read the Article on The Hill

Liang Zhang: How Active Shooter Incidents Off Campus Lead to Guns on Campus

January 28, 2020

A new study finds that active shooter incidents off campus and politics are key factors that led state legislators to pass laws allowing concealed weapons on college and university campuses between 2004 and 2016.

“We assumed that campus carry legislation might be driven by active shooter incidents in educational contexts,” David R. Johnson, lead author of the research, sociologist and assistant professor of higher education leadership in the College of Education at the University of Nevada, Reno, said. “Our analysis found that bill introduction is associated with active shooter incidents anywhere within a legislator’s state, but not specifically those occurring at schools and universities.”

Continue Reading How Active Shooter Incidents Off Campus Lead to Guns on Campus

SIHEP hosts national scholars to discuss Mobility in Higher Education

November 06, 2019

"Higher education is often viewed as the great engine of opportunity and economic mobility.  With mobility research evolving, there is a consistent need to investigate the various mechanisms on an individual, institutional, and governmental level that both help and hinder progress," said Ann Marcus, professor and director of the Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education, introducing a day-long inquiry into issues of access, student success, and the impact of higher education. Held on October 25, 2019, the event brought scholars, faculty, and higher education stakeholders together for two events designed to deepen the conversations about stratification and mobility in higher education.

Read More Mobility in Higher Education

Stella Flores wins Harvard Graduate School of Education's 2019 Alumni Council Award

April 4, 2019

NYU's Stella Flores, Associate Professor of Higher Education and Director of Access and Equity at the Steinhardt Institute, is the 2019 recipient of Harvard's Alumni Council award for "Outstanding Contribution to Education". More information and the full article is available on Harvard's website.

Liang Zhang shares insight on college student debt for millennials and their parents

February 8, 2019

NYU's Liang Zhang, Professor of Higher Education recently spoke with Newsday to discuss the current state of student debt for millenial students in Long Island, NY and across the nation. Read the full article on Newsday's website.

Liang Zhang weighs in on excellence at Taiwanese universities

October 11, 2018

NYU's Liang Zhang, Professor of Higher Education recently spoke with Times Higher Education to discuss Taiwan's excellence initiative and schemes created to aid universities that are not meeting excellence standards. More information can be found here

Stella Flores to discuss diversity in admissions and curriculum on On Campus Radio

September 23, 2018

NYU's Stella Flores, Associate Professor of Higher Education and Director of Access and Equity at the Steinhardt Institute, recently appeared on the latest episode of On Campus Radio.  She discussed the Harvard affirmative action case and the implications for race-conscious admissions on campuses across the country.  More information and the recording of the episode can be found here.

Drew Allen and Gregory Wolniak discuss the impact of tuition increases on diversity

May 18, 2018

Steinhardt Institute Fellow Drew Allen and Director of NYU's Center for Research on Higher Education Outcomes Gregory Wolniak penned a piece that has appeared in University World News and The Conversation on the negative impact of tuition increaes on campus diversity.  Looking at over 1,600 public institutions, Allen and Wolniak found that for every $1,000 increase in tuition at four-year nonselective public universities, diversity among full-time students decreased by 4.5 percent.

Frances Stage and Sarah Randall Johnson discuss the weak relationship between high-impact college practices and graduation rates

April 25, 2018

Higher Education Professor Frances Stage and doctoral alumna Sarah Randall Johnson (2016) discuss the limited relationship between ten high-impact college practices to graduation rates at four-year public colleges and universities in the United States in a recent Inside Higher Ed article.  The original article, published in the Journal of Higher Education challenges some of the commonly held ideas of high-impact practices at public institutions.

Patrick Callan discusses the legacy and future of the California Master Plan

April 4, 2018

Steinhardt Institute Fellow and President of the Higher Education Policy Institute Patrick Callan discussed the history of the California Master Plan in The Chronicle of Higher Education.  In particular, Mr. Callan argued that the unique tripartite system of the University of California, the California State Universities, and the community colleges has struggled to collaborate since the plan's inception.  Furthermore, Mr. Callan noted that an update to the master plan would face many hurdles.

Teboho Moja reflects on 10 years of University World News - Africa

March 30, 2018

Professor Teboho Moja penned a piece in University World News reflecting on the importance of the coverage of international higher education news, particularly of African higher education developments.  She notes how the African edition has grown in readership due to the publication's reporting on important policy changes and key meetings concerning the higher education development agenda across the continent as many African countries have moved into mass higher education through the use of public-private partnerships and quality accreditation programs.

Liang Zhang wins Spencer Grant to Study G.I. Bill on College Participation

January 22, 2018

This winter, Professor Liang Zhang was awarded a grant of $49,960 from the Spencer Foundation, a prominent funder of education research. Professor Zhang’s research will focus on the impact of the Post-9/11 GI Bill on college participation among veterans with service-connected disabilities. Professor Zhang explained his upcoming research in a project summary: “This study fills an important void in post-secondary education research by examining the impact of the educational benefits provided by the Post-9/11 GI Bill on college enrollment for veterans with service-connected disabilities, as well as its potentially heterogeneous impact across groups of different age, gender, race/ethnicity, and disability ratings.”

Teboho Moja gives keynote address at Global Research Council Africa regional meeting in Zambia

December 1, 2017

Professor Teboho Moja gave a keynote address at the Global Research Council Africa regional meeting on November 24 in Livingstone, Zambia. Her talk focused on the links between globalization, higher education and development, and how higher education institutions as knowledge producers play a key role in science diplomacy.

Liang Zhang discusses the increase in veterans enrolled in U.S. higher education under the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill.

August 9, 2017

In a recent Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis article, NYU's Liang Zhang, Professor of Higher Education, spoke of the three percent increase in veterans that took advantage of the educational benefits under the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill.  Professor Zhang found consistent and positive enrollment effects across veterans with all levels of education, with those already holding master’s degrees taking the most advantage of the bill’s educational benefits.

Stella Flores comments on U.S. Justice Department's targeting of diversity programs

August 2, 2017

In a recent Inside Higher Ed article, NYU's Stella Flores, Associate Professor of Higher Education and Director of Access and Equity at the Steinhardt Institute, discusses the risks to campus diversity under reported Justice Department targeting of affirmative action programs.

Ann Marcus discusses new leadership at the State University of New York System

April 26, 2017

In a recent Politico article, NYU's Ann Marcus, Director of the Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy and Professor in Higher Education, comments on the appointment of Dr. Kristina Johnson as the new chancellor at the State University of New York.

Ann Marcus comments on the challenges of New York's free tuition plan

April 14, 2017

In a recent Politico article, NYU's Ann Marcus, Director of the Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy and Professor in Higher Education, speaks about some of the logistical challenges facing Governor Cuomo's recent plan to cover tuition costs at public two-year and four-year institutions for students with family incomes under $125,000.

Stella Flores comments on demographic change and predicting student success

March 13, 2017

In a recent Chronicle of Higher Education article, NYU's Stella Flores, Associate Professor of Higher Education and Director of Access and Equity at the Steinhardt Institute, speaks about demographic change in the U.S. and the challenges for ensuring student success. 

Steinhardt Institute hosts meeting with Israeli university and college presidents

March 10, 2017

The Steinhardt Institute welcomed over a dozen presidents from several Israeli universities and colleges for a three-day meeting to foster dialogue between these higher education sectors.  Ann Marcus, Director of the Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy and Professor in Higher Education led the meeting with Yaffa Zilbershats, Chairperson of the Planning and Budgeting Committee for Israel’s Council for Higher Education.

Stella Flores discusses the next possible challege to affirmative action programs

February 4, 2017

In a recent U.S. News and World Report article, NYU's Stella Flores, Associate Professor of Higher Education and Director of Access and Equity at the Steinhardt Institute, comments on the use of Asian American communities in the latest challenge to the legality of affirmative action programs. 

Stella Flores is ranked among the top 200 in RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings in 2017

January 11, 2017

As presented in a recent Education Week article, NYU's Stella Flores, Associate Professor of Higher Education and Director of Access and Equity at the Steinhardt Institute, has been ranked among the top university-based scholars in the U.S. doing the most to influence educational policy and practice. 

Ann Marcus addresses Cuomo's college tuition plan in recent Chalkbeat article

January 10, 2017

In a recent Chalkbeat article, Ann Marcus, Director of the Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy and Professor in Higher Education, addresses Cuomo's plan to exclude part-time students from free tuition. She speaks to the challenges for part-time student explaining that research shows the educational plans of part-time students are more easily derailed and adding, “Most people who are part-time students, they are all people who feel like they either can’t or don’t want to give up their job.”

Ann Marcus comments on Cuomo's tuition-free two-year college plan 

January 3, 2017

Ann Marcus, Director of the Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy and Professor in Higher Education, was quoted in a recent Politico article discussing Govenor Andrew Cuomo's plans to introduce a proposal for tuition-free two-year college.

Stella Flores presents “The Effect of English Language Learner Program Participation on College-Access Outcomes”

November 21, 2016

Stella Flores, Associate Professor of Higher Education and Director of Access and Equity at the Steinhardt Institute, presents her research on the complex and controversial public policy issues surrounding English language learners entitled “The Effect of English Language Learner Program Participation on College-Access Outcomes” at the NYU Institute of Human Development and Social Change. 

Teboho Moja addresses critical contributions needed for sustainability in African higher education 

September 4, 2016

Teboho Moja, Clinical Professor of Higher Education, was recently quoted in University World News article, Multiple Positive Signs for African Higher Education. In the article, she discusses the importance of higher education to Africa's knowledge economy and strategies for sustainability in African higher education. As he gets ready to roll out his agenda for 2017, Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to introduce a proposal for tuition-free two-year college 

Stella Flores discusses the Racial College Completion Gap in Ed-Talks

February 18, 2016

Stella Flores, Director of Access and Equity, the Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy and Associate Professor of Higher Education, recently gave an Ed-Talk at the American Educational Research Association's Knowledge Forum on the Race College Completion Gap.

Ann Marcus quoted in Market Watch on proposal for free tuition at Harvard

January 19, 2016

Ann Marcus, Director of the Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy and Professor in Higher Education, was quoted in a recent Market Watch article, Free tuition at Harvard? Sounds great. Here's the problemdiscussing the proposal by five candidates running to be part of one of Harvard’s governing bodies to make tuition free to all undergraduates at Harvard.

Stella Flores' research on percent plans featured in ETS Education Research Update

December, 2015

The latest issue of ETS Education Research Update features research related to the Supreme Court's recent decision in Fisher v. University of Texas, which favored the need for educational diversity with strict scrutiny from the courts on how to achieve it. Among the papers is Texas Top Ten Percent Plan: How It Works, What Are Its Limits, and Recommendations to Consider by Professors Stella Flores, New York University and The Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy and Catherine Horn, University of Houston and The Institute for Educational Policy Research and Evaluation. They have done extensive research to provide a new synthesis of research on percent plans. Their paper discusses college admissions strategies appropriate within the nation's developing law by examining percent plans, an alternative race-neutral path to college admissions in Texas, California and Florida. View the paper here.

Stella Flores weighs in on the Supreme Court reconsidering Affirmative Action

December 10, 2015

Stella Flores, Associate Professor of Higher Education and Director of Access and Equity at the Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy, spoke on the Brian Lehrer Show to discuss the Supreme Court reconsidering Fisher v. University of Texas, a case that could have major consequences for affirmative action programs across the country. The affirmative action method in question supplements the "percent plan" and provides a secondary admissions policy based on race. Flores says her research proves that the percent plan alone does not meet the "educational mission" of the university.

Flores has been named NPR Source of the Week.

She has been quoted on the topic in the following publications:

The Wall Street Journal

Diverse Issues in Higher Education

International Business Times

18 Leading Higher Education Research Centers and Institutes Call for Knowledge on Campus Shootings

October 19, 2015

The Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy joins other leading higher education research centers and institutes in a call for further knowledge and research on the increasingly critical issue of university and college campus shootings. See article.

Ann Marcus quoted in U.S. News & World Report article on academic tenure law in Wisconsin

June 12, 2015

Ann Marcus, Director of the Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy and Professor in Higher Education, was quoted in the U.S. News and World Report article, Scott Walker, Professors Clash over Tenure in Wisconsin on June 12th regarding the state legislature's budget plan which may remove legal safeguards for academic tenure in Wisconsin.

NYU Steinhardt hosts panel on undocumented college students

April 2, 2015

The Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy hosted a panel discussion, “Undocumented College Students: In the Shadows of the Ivory Tower.” The event covered findings of America’s first survey of undocumented college students, published earlier this year by researchers at UCLA.

The UCLA Institute for Immigration, Globalization, and Education released the findings of its nationwide study of undocumented undergraduates, which for the first time, sheds light on the needs and challenges of undocumented college students. The report, In the Shadows of the Ivory Tower: Undocumented Undergraduates and the Liminal State of Immigration Reform, carries implications for policy makers as well as colleges and universities.

 Video of the event

 Recent article: Think of Undocumented Immigrants as Parents, Not Problems

Five Things You May Not Have Known about DACA

Media coverage on our event, "Private Dollars for Public Purposes: Are Foundations Setting the Agenda for Higher Education Reform?"

October 25, 2013

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Foundations Attract More Scrutiny as Their Influence on Academe Grows

"Powerful private foundations are drawing increased scrutiny as their influence on the agenda for higher-education reform has grown, but their role is not a particularly new one in the history of American academe, according to panelists at a discussion on Friday at New York University.

The discussion, 'Private Dollars for Public Purposes: Are Foundations Setting the Agenda for Higher-Education Reform?,' considered whether the dominance of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Lumina Foundation is sidelining disparate voices on important policy debates."

Steinhardt Institute Delegation attends From Principles to Practice: Higher Education Policy and Research Project Management

January 20-25, 2013

In January 2013, Prof. Teboho Moja, Steinhardt Institute faculty member, led a student delegation to Cape Town, South Africa to participate in a one-week seminar examining research project management and policy formation in higher education. 40 masters and doctoral students from Africa, Australia, Europe and the U.S. attended the event sponsored by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) in Cape Town, January 20-25, 2013

Participating professors gave students a firsthand look at the research-policy nexus by using their own externally-funded research projects to illustrate policy effects, project impact, ethics, funder expectations, and trends in research among other issues. In addition to the lecture series, students collaborated in international working groups to draft research grant proposals addressing salient issues in higher education. Students presented their research grant proposals at the seminar and were critiqued by participating faculty and professional grants managers.

The event was feature in University World News. Those interested in learning more about the content and participants can visit the Higher Education Development Association website (Hedda) where podcasts and related-interviews will be posted.

Participating faculty members included:

  • Nico Cloete, Extraordinary Professor of Higher Education, University of Western Cape
  • Hamish Coates, LH Martin Institute, University of Melbourne
  • Peter Massen, Professor, University of Oslo
  • Julian May, Professor of Development Studies, University of Western Cape
  • Teboho Moja, Professor, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, New York University
  • Johan Muller, Professor, School of Education, University of Cape Town
  • Bjørn Stensaker, Professor, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Oslo

SIHEP Senior Fellow Patrick M. Callan discusses the current state of higher education in California

December 13, 2012

California Higher Education: Diminishing Opportunity and Competitiveness

"Any Californian with a modicum of concern about the future of the state should be dismayed by the state's massive disinvestment in one of its major public assets. Since 2008, state and local support for public higher education has been reduced by $2.4 billion, a cut of nearly 20 percent. The passage of Proposition 30 creates a plateau on this downward path, but it will neither restore lost college opportunity to thousands of Californians nor assure the future availability of college access."    

SIHEP Symposium: Economic and Racial Diversity in American Higher Education: A Current and Future Perspective under Obama and the Supreme Court

March 30, 2012

The Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy hosted a symposium to address economic and racial diversity in American higher education on March 30, 2012. The panelists were scholars who contributed to the recently published, Diversity in American Higher Education: Toward a More Comprehensive Approach edited by Lisa M. Stulberg, associate professor of educational sociology, and Sharon Lawner Weinberg, professor of statistics and applied psychology, at NYU Steinhardt.

Ada Meloy, General Counsel for the American Council on Education, served a moderator for a discussion with Lia Epperson (American University Washington College of Law), Bridget Terry Long (Harvard Graduate School of Education), and Mitchell L. Stevens (Stanford University).  Panelists discussed the ways that colleges and universities can foster affordable and accessible education for all students, as well as how legal, financial, and sociological issues affect economic and racial diversity.

Ann Marcus Who Deserves a College Education?

August 3, 2011

In The Century Foundation's final summer policy forum of 2011, “Who Deserves a College Education?” panelists explored the debates over the benefits of a college education, inequalities in college access, how we define “merit,” and socio-economic and racial affirmative action policies in higher education. Dr. Marcus gave the opening remarks on how our cultural obsession with status has impacted socio-economic and racial affirmative action policies in higher education.

Teboho Moja spoke at "A Symposium on Refugee Youth: The Relationship of Education to Health"

April 29, 2011

International and domestic public health professionals discussed the importance of health and education in youth development and the impact of interrupted education on health.

Panel sessions included: “The Impact of Migration on Youth”; “Working with Migrant Youth”; and “Migrant Youth from Zimbabwe, A Case Study.”

Publication: Asians in the Ivory Tower: Dilemmas of Racial Inequality in American Higher Education by Robert Teranishi

Institute researcher Robert Teranishi draws on his vast research to present this timely and compelling examination of the experience of Asian Americans in higher education. Asians in the Ivory Tower explores why and how Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) are important to our nation's higher education priorities and places the study of AAPI college participation within a broad set of conditions through which all students must navigate as they pursue higher education. Dr. Teranishi captures the intersections of individual agency, social conditions, and organizational structures as synergetic forces that result in a range of postsecondary outcomes for subpopulations within the larger body of AAPIs.

Transcending narrow generalizations about this understudied population, this seminal book:

  • Debunks false stereotypes about AAPI students and their educational trajectories.
  • Offers a unique empirical perspective on racial stratification in higher education through case studies that mix quantitative data with narratives of lived stories.
  • Examines the educational experiences and routes to college for AAPIs, and examines broader issues around racial inequality and debates about affirmative action.
  • Captures the nuances and complexity of race, offering theoretical perspectives that can be applied to other populations.

Dr. Teranishi is an associate professor of higher education in New York University's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development as well as principal investigator of the National Commission on Asian American and Pacific Islander research in Education, also at New York University.

Publication: Policy and Performance in American Higher Education: An Examination of Cases across State Systems by Richard Richardson, Jr. and Mario Martinez

Policy and Performance in American Higher Education presents a new approach to understanding how public policy influences institutional performance, with practical insight for those charged with crafting and implementing higher education policy.

Public institutions of higher learning are called upon by state governments to provide educational access and opportunity for students. Paradoxically, the education policies enacted by state legislatures are often complex and costly to implement, which can ultimately detract from that mission. Richard Richardson, Jr., and Mario Martinez evaluate the higher education systems of five states to explain how these policies are developed and how they affect the performance of individual institutions.