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Decolonizing the Curriculum - A South African Case Study

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Jonathan Jansen is a Distinguished Professor of Education at Stellenbosch University and President of the Academy of Science of South Africa. He is a curriculum theorist whose work is on the politics of knowledge. He leads a national Future Professors Programme and mentors university leaders. His recent books are The decolonization of knowledge (Cambridge University Press), Corruption in universities (Wits University Press), and Racial logics and medicine in South Africa (Springer). He was recently inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the International Academy of Education.

How do Race and Class Shape Access to Higher Education in Brazil?

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Flavio Carvalhaes is an Associate Professor at the Sociology Department, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He is also co-director of the The Interdisciplinary Network for Inequality Studies (NIED). His work is focused on understanding, thinking, and acting toward more equitable and efficient educational institutions with evidence-based thinking and research designs. His most recent publication is The intersection of family income, race, and academic performance in access to higher education in Brazil.

Access and Equity in South African Higher Education

Thursday, March 3, 2021

A conversation with Dr. Gerald Ouma

The end of Apartheid in South Africa more than 25 years ago opened the higher education system to new populations and new challenges in a country where discriminatory policies made access to higher education unequal among the different races of South Africa. Our session consists of an interview with Professor Ouma focused on the issue of access to higher education, with particular attention to access for students from different backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses. Discussion also covered the question of the cost of universities and other financial issues that impact student participation. 

Access and Equity in European Higher Education

Thursday, February 25, 2021

A conversation with Dr. Pedro Teixeira

Europe presents a variety of higher education systems, yet trends for participation rates, access and equity can be examined across countries. Professor Teixeira presents an overview of the European higher education landscape, with particular attention to expanding access and diversifying the profile of students' enrollment. He also presented an overview regarding funding for higher education and the balances between government funding and student tuition. Discussion included recent reforms as well as the role of private colleges and their impact.

Higher Education in Brazil: Challenges Ahead

Thursday, November 19, 2020

A conversation with Dr. Luiz Augusto Campos

Brazil has a unique higher education system, created over many years for a highly diverse population. Our session consisted of an interview with Professor Campos focused on Brazil's constellation of institutions; how particular populations participate; and what is known about social mobility and labor market outcomes. Specific attention was devoted to Brazil's affirmative action efforts and the challenges of implementation.