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Re-Work For Participants

Community CIRCLE (5 minutes)

Each person shares “Why are you entering this space? How are you entering the space today?” No interruptions, no discussion. Just share.

Community Agreements (25 minutes)

Based on Courageous Conversations about Race Protocol article


  • What resonates with you? Which will be hard for you?
  • What questions are bubbling up? What’s missing?
  • Create community agreements for your space together.

Exploring The 4 I’s Of Oppression (45 minutes)

Discussion: RTWT Protocol

The 4I’s represent any form of oppression: racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, etc. Our history was founded on oppressive ideology that whiteness was more valuable than blackness; that men were more valuable than women, etc. These was then reflected in the foundation of the
systems created. Schools, voting rights, loans were originally only available to white men.

  • How do the 4 I’s of Oppression manifest in our system through the lens of intersectionality?
  • How do they manifest in myself as an [human, educator/ principal/ parent]?
  • What do we want to build towards in our school? How can we make that happen?

Key Takeaways

  • We need not debate the existence of oppression based on identities, including, but not exclusive to race, gender, sexual orientation, class, and other statuses.
  • We all have immediate and personal work to do before, during, and after we start delving deeply into external work.
  • How we step into a space includes elements we are both conscious and unconscious of.

Reflection: Journal (7 minutes)

  • What is something you are learning that is challenging your thinking or beliefs? Affirming your thinking/beliefs?
  • What is one action I/we can commit to doing after this session to work toward BIPOC and LGBTQ+ Liberation?
  • What is one action I/we can commit to stop doing after this session to work toward BIPOC and LGBTQ+ Liberation?

Closing Community Circle (7 minutes)

Pick one of the reflection prompt responses to share as you go around the circle.

Materials For Next Session


Next Section

Session 2: Understanding Oppression and Racism

We are going to zoom in specifically on racism throughout these sessions. We know that racism exists across the 4 I’s: ideology, institutional, interpersonal, and gets internalized.

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