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Data for the People (1½ hours) 

This workshop is designed to give youth, organizers, parents, and members of community-based  organizations an introduction to the uses and abuses of data and research for education justice.  The 90-minute workshop explores the definition of data, the various forms of data, methods for reading  and interpreting data, and how data can be used and misused within the education justice context.  This workshop includes real world examples of data use and misuse, as well as strategies that  participants can adopt to inform their knowledge, actions, or ideas about education justice.  

This workshop is intended for youth, parents and family, education justice organizers, education justice  focused community-based organizations, and social justice educators, staff, and administrators. This  workshop is best suited for those who are looking for a structured introduction to the use and misuse of  data and research. This workshop is not well-suited for individuals or groups that already have a robust  understanding of data use and misuse. 

Submit a Rapid Response Research Request

Does your education justice campaign have immediate data need? Does your organization center the voices and leadership of Black, Brown, Indigenous, disabled, LGBTQ people? Contact us with your data request. 

Here are a few examples of data requests we’ve received in the past:

Here are a few examples of data requests we’ve received in the past:

  • What is the graduation rate for Black boys/men in the Bronx?
  • How does it compare to other groups of students?
  • Can you help us map data that shows the education funds budgeted for students and how much of those funds were actually distributed to educate students?
  • Can you create a table that shows college readiness of students in Los Angeles

    Additional examples of possible requests:
  • Data crunching and analysis
  • Policy briefs
  • Survey design
  • Fact sheets on education policy issues
  • Data visualizations and infographics
  • How does the expansion of charter schools in our city impact traditional public schools? 


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