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Instructor-Facing Learning Analytics

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Student-Facing Learning Analytics

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Advisor-Facing Learning Analytics

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Learning Analytics Dashboard Design and Implementation

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    Instrumented Learning Spaces

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    Presentation Feedback Tool

    Ochoa, X., & Dominguez, F. (2020) Controlled evaluation of a multimodal system to improve oral presentation skills in a real learning setting. British Journal of Educational Technology.

    Integrating Physical Computing and Data Science in Movement Based Learning

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    Analytics of Reflection Quality

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    Analytics of Reflection Content 

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    Collaborative Problem Solving Online

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     Collaboration Feedback

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    Discussion Forum Analytics 

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    Measurement and its Uses in Learning Analytics

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    Process Data in NAEP

    Bergner, Y., & von Davier, A. A. (2019). Process data in NAEP: Past, present, and future. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 44(6), 706–732.


    Subversive Learning Analytics

    Wise, A.F., Sarmiento, J.P. & Boothe Jr., M. (2021). A subversive stance for learning analytics. Proceedings of 11th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge. Irvine, CA: ACM.

    Relevance and Social Responsibility in Learning Analytics

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    Mapping Intellectual Progress in Learning Analytics

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    Fostering an Impactful Field of Learning Analytics

    Knight, S., Wise, A. F., & Ochoa, X. (2019). Fostering an impactful field of learning analytics. Journal of Learning Analytics, 6(3), 1-4. [Editorial]

    Learning Analytics Readiness

    Wise, A. F., Knight, S., & Ochoa, X. (2018). When are learning analytics ready and what are they ready for. Journal of Learning Analytics, 5(3), 1-4. [Editorial]


    Survey of Learning Analytics in Latin America 

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    Learning Analytics in Uruguay

    Macarini, L. A., Lemos dos Santos, H., Cechinel, C., Ochoa, X., Rodés, V., Pérez Casas, A., ... & Díaz, P. (2020). Towards the implementation of a countrywide K-12 learning analytics initiative in Uruguay. Interactive Learning Environments, 28(2), 166-190.

    Learning Analytics in Latin America 

    Ochoa, X. (2019). Learning analytics in Latin America present an opportunity not to be missed. Nature Human Behaviour, 3(1), 6-7.

    Predicting Academic Results 

    Alvarez, C., Wise, A. F., Altermatt, S., & Aranguiz, I. (2019). Predicting academic results in a modular computer programming course. Proceedings of the 2nd Latin American Conference on Learning Analytics, LALA 2019, 21-30.


    Educating Data Scientists and Data Literate Citizens

    Wise, A. F. (2020). Educating data scientists and data literate citizens for a new generation of data. Journal of the Learning Sciences, 29(1), 165-181.

    Envisioning Learning Analytics for the Learning Sciences

    Wise, A. F. & Cui, Y. (2018). Envisioning a learning analytics for the learning sciences. Proceedings of the 13th International Conference of the Learning Sciences, 1799-1806.