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LEARN Instructional Dashboard Sample

Instructional Dashboard Teaching Practices 

This project is a multi-faceted partnership of LEARN with NYU IT Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) around the instructional support dashboards that TLT is developing for NYU faculty. LEARN conducted research on how faculty worked with early versions of the dashboards to inform their teaching and course design; is actively engaged in developing pedagogical training materials for faculty and supporting workshops on the active use of dashboards in teaching and course redesign; and participates in a working group to evaluate dashboard usability and fitness, with the goal of improving dashboard functionality. 

LEARN Student Facing Learning Analytics

Student Facing Learning Analytics

The Student Facing Learning Analytics project is a participatory design and research collaboration between LEARN, NYU IT TLT and NYU's College of Arts and Sciences to develop learning analytics tools for students. In it, designers and researchers partner with NYU students to develop the vision and form of data-powered tools to help students with their academic progress, motivation and learning. The current prototypes will form the foundation for a student learning analytics tool developed and implemented by TLT to serve students across the University.

Course Engagement Report

The Course Engagement Report, collaboratively created with NYU IT in rapid response to covid-required remote instruction this summer, provides instructors with high level information about how students engage with their NYU Classes course elements via weekly email.