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Improve Equity and Success in Large Courses Using Analytics

LEARN helps foster more effective and equitable education for all

Student success is greatly impacted by the opportunities students have for mentorship, support and guidance during their educational careers. The impact of differences in such opportunities can be magnified in large courses that have limited space for feedback and personal attention, and may leave students feeling like they are ‘on their own.’ Instructors, teaching assistants and advisors need scalable ways to understand and respond to the support needs of diverse students no matter the size of the cohort.

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Meeting the Needs of All Students: How LEARN Can Help 

NYU’s Learning Analytics Research Network (LEARN) uses sophisticated information tools to help educators understand the actions, performance and support needs of all students.

  • What kinds of questions can we help answer? 
    • Are all students receiving the help they need to succeed?
    • How can I best meet the needs of students from diverse backgrounds?
    • How can I identify key factors that affect the performance of different students?
    • How can differences in prior opportunities be addressed in an equitable way?
    • How can I sense and respond to the needs of different students in a scalable way?
  • What kinds of solutions do we develop?
    • Equity and performance analysis reports
    • Student-facing learning dashboards
    • Smart support for student studying practices
    • Performance predictive models
    • Teacher-facing analytic tools
    • Professional coaching sessions
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Partnering with LEARN

Our network of experts offers:

  • Deep command of a wide range of advanced data science methods 
  • Practiced skill in higher education pedagogy and innovative learning approaches
  • Extensive experience supporting organizational change 
  • Equity-informed perspectives on data collection, uses and impacts

LEARN engages in a consultative, human-centered design process 

You bring your teaching and learning needs. 

We bring a suite of analytical techniques and knowledge into the insights they can produce. 

Together, we develop a customized solution that supports equitable & effective learning for large courses.

To request an initial consultation, please reach out to: 

Alyssa Wise, Director:


Chloe Sun, Administration and Operations Manager:

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