As Performance Series

As Performance Series

The NYU Program in Drama Therapy As Performance series is a laboratory in therapeutic theatre. Therapeutic theatre is a theatre whose intention and purpose is, primarily, to support a change process for its participants and, we hope, to some extent for its audience. As Performance places therapy on stage in front of a live audience as it investigates the intersections of therapy, research inquiry, and art-making. In our collaborations, clinical drama therapists participate as artists and artists explore a therapeutic process. As Performance seeks to explore the aesthetic, therapeutic, ethical, and research issues embedded in the process of making a theatre for change.

Fall 2017
The Birds

Adapted by Rachel Kauder Nalebuff
Directed by Barbara Kaynan

Residents and staff from Hebrew Home in Riverdale worked with drama therapists Barbara Kaynan and Kate DelPizzo and playwright Rachel Kauder Nalebuff, to explore and adapt Aristophanes’ The Birds. A Greek comedy, The Birds follows the story of two lost Athenians who find a surprisingly pleasant home amongst a flock of birds. Through language, music, art, and movement, the Hebrew Home community explores what it means for an unlikely bunch to live and work together. The play asks us to consider how we hold space for both grief and hope while navigating the complexities that accompany creating and settling in a shared, new community.

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