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Nordoff-Robbins Certification training is unique in its comprehensive focus on the creative and technical application of music in therapy and the development of clinical/musical resources. The Blended Learning Nordoff-Robbins Certification track combines on-site and off-site training and may be completed in a minimum of two years. The fee for the two-year Blended Learning Certification track is the same as that of the one-year, Level I On-site Certification training.

Please note: Certification training tracks are only open to those music therapists with a master’s degree in music therapy or who possess an undergraduate degree in music therapy and are undertaking this training concomitant to enrollment in a music therapy master’s program. It is essential that Level I Blended Learning Certification candidates have prior clinical experience and have already utilized improvisation in their clinical work.

Training Components

The first three programs described below must be attended on-site during two consecutive summers at the Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy at NYU. In addition, two "Weekend Intensives” are given on-site each year (dates TBD). “Certification Seminar” (monthly) and Individual Supervision (TBD) are conducted remotely. 

Please note: “Certification Seminar” and “Weekend Intensives” are for Nordoff-Robbins Certification Candidates only. The three CMTE summer programs are open to music therapists, music therapy students and interested professionals.

Introduction to Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy: Foundations, Improvisational Resources and Clinical Applications (30 CMTE credits)

This is a 30 hour, 5-day summer program introducing Nordoff-Robbins music therapy (NRMT). It includes foundational theory, seminal case studies, approaches to individual and group music therapy, and clinical and musical resources. Certification candidates will attend the program with non-certification candidates. This program is offered every summer.

Practice and Theory of Group Music Therapy (30 CMTE credits)

This is a 30 hour, 5-day summer program introducing the NRMT approach to group music therapy. This includes group therapy theory, video case examples with various client profiles, strategies for improvisation and clinical composition, and community music therapy. Certification candidates will attend this program with non-certification candidates. This program is offered every other summer and alternates with Advanced Applications of Clinical Musicianship. 

Advanced Applications of Clinical Musicianship* (30 CMTE credits)

This is a 30 hour, 5-day summer program that delves deeper into clinical musicianship in NRMT. This includes learning and experimentation with musical resources (styles, modes, and scales), workshopping improvisational techniques, approaches to composing clinical music, and group supervision around participants' clinical scenarios. This program is offered every other summer and alternates with Practice and Theory of Group Music Therapy. 

*Please note: Introduction to Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy summer program is a prerequisite.

Weekend Intensives (2)

There are two, 10-hour weekend seminars held each year, following up on clinical improvisation skills, Nordoff-Robbins concepts, and workshopping blended learners' clinical material. These intensives are for Certification Candidates only.

Certification Seminar

This is a monthly seminar with nine meetings each year. Students must participate for a minimum of two years (18 monthly meetings) while they are engaged in clinical work and bi-weekly individual supervision. Participation beyond the 18 meetings is encouraged for all students and will be required for some students. The content of the seminar will vary according to student needs and interests. This seminar is for Certification Candidates only.

Individual Supervision

Trainees are required to participate in a minimum of 32 individual supervision sessions lasting one hour. These sessions must be done concomitant to clinical work. They will be offered on a bi-weekly basis to be completed over a period of two years. The timing will reflect the individual candidate’s clinical schedule. If additional supervision sessions beyond 32 are desired by the candidate or required by the supervisor, these will incur an additional fee of $110/session.

Clinical Work

Clinical work requirements are specified in terms of hours rather than number of sessions. Candidates will be required to complete 125 clinical hours of Nordoff-Robbins work with a minimum of 80 hours in individual sessions. It is essential that candidates are able to video or audio record some sessions to be used for indexing, supervision, and workshopping during weekend intensives. 


Candidates must complete session indexes for a minimum of 120 sessions.

Level I Certification Application

To apply for the Level I Certification Training, please use the appropriate link below. In addition, once you have submitted your application form, send two letters of reference from educational and/or work settings to: Zachary Kandler at In-person interviews are generally held from March through April. Under certain circumstances we can arrange Zoom meetings.

Apply for Nordoff-Robbins Level I On-site Track Apply for Nordoff-Robbins Level I Blended Learning Track

If you have any questions about the training, application, or interview process, please contact or call the Center at (212) 998-5151. 

Level I Application and Interview

Learn more about the Level I application and interview process.

Certification Fees

Learn about all fees for the Level 1 Certification in Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy