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Level 2 Certification will be awarded to Nordoff-Robbins Level 1 music therapists who have worked over a period of 3-5 years (post-Level 1 Certification) to integrate, internalize and expand his/her understanding and application of the Nordoff-Robbins approach. He/she will consistently demonstrate an advanced standard of professional practice as seen in a breadth and depth of clinical experience and understanding. The therapist will have achieved the next level in clinical musicianship-both vocal and instrumental-with work demonstrating creative freedom, expressive spontaneity, and intuition, balanced by controlled intention, methodological musical construction, and clinical responsibility.

Level 2 therapists will possess the following competencies in individual and group work, above and beyond the "entry-level" Nordoff-Robbins Level 1 therapist:

  • Ability to intervene, evoke & support change through music 
  • Advanced ability to create music co-responsively
  • Capability as a strong leader in musical & verbal interventions
  • Skill and flexibility in a range of musical idioms and styles
  • Ability to be self-reliant & work independently

In addition, the Level 2 therapist shall possess the skills necessary to successfully convey the approach in professional writings and/or presentations. They therefore can share their understanding of the approach and may facilitate the growth of graduate interns & Level 1 Nordoff-Robbins candidates in a co-therapy role should the opportunity arise.

Music therapists who have completed the Level 1 Nordoff-Robbins Certification may continue their formal training, working toward Level 2 Certification in the following ways:

  1. Receive supervision at the Nordoff-Robbins Center for work done in other settings. The current (2016-17) cost is $1980 for bi-monthly supervision sessions of 50 minutes, September through June, during the Center's weeks of operation.
  2. Receive bi-monthly supervision at the Nordoff-Robbins Center and participate in clinical work at the Center as follows: Responsibility for a minimum of two clinical sessions with weekly indexing; maintain contact with parents; hold parent conferences; prepare parent conference reports and treatment summaries. The current cost of this on-site training is determined by the each candidate's clinical load, as follows:

    Two sessions: $1300
    Three Sessions: $1100
    Four Sessions: $900

    Payment may be made flexibly, either in full, by the semester, (or in monthly installments if necessary.)
  3. Apply for Alternate route: This process is for those therapists unable to receive ongoing supervision due to location, or other circumstances. Candidate must illustrate Nordoff-Robbins-based work done at the level of proficiency described above. Individual assessment will be done to ascertain skills and areas of need. Recommendations may be made for further development before granting Level 2 Certification. There will be a registration fee of $650.

Candidates may be asked to give a presentation to Center staff and/or trainees to complete the Certification process.