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High School Model

The Nest high school model specifically supports autistic adolescents and emerging adults academically, behaviorally and socially, and become ready to attain their full, unique potential as competent, independent and happy adults.

In the 2021-22 school year, there are 13 NYC Department of Education high schools spread across all five boroughs. The Nest high school model builds off of the middle school model, sharing the same philosophical foundations, providing familiar programmatic structures, and working to develop self-determined students.

The Nest Support Project is committed to continually reassessing and updating the Nest model to reflect current best practices and the needs of Nest students, families, and schools. The high school model is the most recent element of the model to be refined and updated in a collaboration between the NYU, the NYC DOE, Nest school staff, and autistic self-advocates. Representatives from these groups collaborate to create an Nest high school model which fulfills the mission of supporting emerging adults to become ready to meet their full and unique potential.

Self-advocate Presentations

Development of the Nest high school model was supported in the 2015-16 school year by the FAR Fund, in accordance with their mission to provide funding to programs that promote healthy social and emotional development in children and families.

As a part of the development, autistic self-advocates were invited to present to students at Nest high schools. The self-advocates shared their experiences from school, lessons they learned, provided advice and motivation, and addressed students’ questions.