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Dr. Gillian Boudreau, Ph.D., RYT

Dr. Gillian Boudreau on Creating an Environment of Calm

Safe and Sound: Creating an Environment of Calm

Dr. Gillian Boudreau, Ph.D., RYT
May 18, 2017

Children on the autism spectrum can be especially sensitive to an anxious environment at home, and may respond to even day to day stress with some of the more challenging behaviors associated with the diagnosis. In this video, learn how anxiety can have a profound and surprising impact amplifying symptoms often associated with autism. Also hear about the developmental potential in actively creating a home environment that can help children on the spectrum to metabolize anxiety. Learn how specific strategies to create and foster an environment and a relational style that will serve to reduce anxiety at home and foster growth and development. 

Dr. Gillian Boudreau is a licensed clinical psychologist and a licensed school psychologist. She has spent years as a clinician in therapeutic and hospital- based schools in New York City and developed and directed a school-based initiative in Vermont providing intensive behavioral programming in public elementary schools. Dr. Boudreau currently practices at the Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy. She frequently works with children and adolescents on the autism spectrum with a focus on fostering understanding and effective communication between these individuals and their family and community. Mindfulness and its utility in reducing anxiety and supporting healthful internal systems and family systems is a primary focus of her clinical work.