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Stephen Shore, EdD

Dr. Stephen Shore on Relationships and Sexuality

Relationships and Sexuality for People with Autism: Reaching a Greater Understanding

Stephen Shore, EdD
January 9, 2014

An often misunderstood and confusing topic, sexuality of people on the autism spectrum is part of the natural developmental process of transition through puberty into successful adulthood. Presented from the viewpoint of a person diagnosed with autism, participants will gain a greater understanding of the feelings, physical responses, levels of interest in sex, and addressing the social challenges as well as practical solutions for supporting people across the autism spectrum in the area of sexuality and intimate relationships.

Diagnosed with "strong autistic tendencies," nonverbal until four and recommended for institutionalization, Dr. Stephen Shore is now a professor of special education at Adelphi University focusing on helping people with autism lead fulfilling and productive lives. He is an internationally known author, consultant, and educator on issues related to autism.