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Molly Alter

Molly Alter is the Data Manager and a Research Analyst for the Research Alliance for New York City Schools. She received her BA in Economics with a minor in English from Barnard College and is currently pursuing a MS in Computer Science at New York University’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Before joining the Research Alliance, Ms. Alter worked at MDRC, a nonprofit, nonpartisan social policy research organization dedicated to improving policies that affect low-income populations in the United States. At MDRC, she worked on a randomized trial which studied the impacts of three curricular enhancements targeting social-emotional development on children in Head Start classrooms. At Barnard, Ms. Alter coauthored a paper investigating the effects of qualitative indicators on students’ college choice and contributed to a paper which looked at job security, resource allocation, and productivity in schools under the No Child Left Behind Act.

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