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Who We Are:

The International Education MA Program is designed to prepare professionals who understand the international implications of their responsibilities and have the ability to utilize knowledge across international boundaries. The program develops educational experts who can design, implement, manage and evaluate international education programs in schools, colleges, foundations, multinational corporations, and public and private educational and cultural agencies. Students are exposed to a multidisciplinary faculty, consisting of anthropologists, economists, historians, philosophers, political scientists and sociologists, who apply the theoretical, conceptual and methodological advances in the humanities and the social sciences to the analysis of international educational policies and institutions.

Students complete a 40-credit curriculum which includes foundational courses in international education theories, qualitative and quantitative research methods, an internship, and electives that develop a specialized area of expertise in a field of international education, as well as an area studies concentration. Students may complete the program in three semesters of full-time study.

What You Will Learn:
Who You Will Study With:

The International Education programs brings together students from across the world with a passion for education, multiculturalism, and humanitarian action. Approximately 20% of our cohorts are made up of international students. In fall 2014, we will welcome students from 12 countries outside of the United States, from places such as Canada, Chile, China, Ecuador, Italy, Pakistan and South Africa.  Many students have studied or lived abroad and have had previous experience working in the field of education as classroom teachers or as Peace Corps volunteers, while others have worked with nonprofit or NGOs on education initiatives across the globe. To learn more about our students, click here to view profiles of International Eduation Student Board members.

Our faculty have expertise in areas including:

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