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News from College Prep Academy/1199 Workforce


College Prep Academy/1199 Workforce is happy to share the following updates:


Special STEM scholarship Awards: The Bermudez-Cabrera Hermandad April 2022

CPA/UB Grad Dalton Bermudez and his sister set up a special scholarship to support and motivate current students to pursue their dream of STEM careers. The siblings, esteemed BioMedical Ph.D and BioMedical Engineer recognize as first-generation, immigrant professionals recognize that academic as well as economic support can ease the challenging transition process that minorities face when applying to higher education institutions.

Career Conversations

College Prep Academy/1199 Workforce hosted two recent career Conversations, one with Doc Flanagan who shared his inspirational college and career path as a first-generation, African American male. Students responded to his authenticity in sharing the personal strategies used to confront challenges in his path and the importance of building resilience and focusing on self-care and wellness. He is a valued role model for our youth.

Nurse Callahan also presented a personalized and multidimensional college conversation where he explained the role and responsibilities of a Case Manager in a Level One Trauma Center. He gave a birds-eye view of the day-to-day work of empowering his clients through advocacy, education, and information about the various resources in their communities. Nurse Callahan inspired students by providing a broad view of this career field and its significant impact on health care.

College Planning Sessions for Seniors and Their Parents

Ms. Sommer provided the College Prep Academy/1199 Workforce seniors and their parents with step-by-step guideposts for the successful transition to college. Topics included academics, financial literacy, family dynamics as a college student, independence as a college student, social and mental health, and wellness. These sessions provided guidance and resources to assist students and their families to work together to successfully navigate the changes and challenges ahead.