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Students and Teacher

Maximizing Language Development During Integrated ENL Classes

(Grades 6-12)

In this presentation by Nancy Cloud, Ed.D., Professor Emerita, Rhode Island College, participants will learn to:

  • Create instructional profiles for EL students to plan responsive language development for each ELL
  • Analyze secondary science and social studies textbook chapters to identify language demands and language learning opportunities
  • Tie instruction to city and state learning standards and to the bilingual progressions
  • Plan to include appropriate supplemental materials for students who represent a range of proficiency and literacy levels
  • Acquire strategies for actively engaging ELLs in language practice within integrated ENL/content area settings
  • Discuss the use of the native language in integrated ENL Science and Social Studies classes
  • Collaborate across ENL and content area partners during the workshop day in planning integrated ENL instruction that focuses on language learning and content area learning

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