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Executive Board


The Executive Editorial Board of the Journal of Student Affairs consists of graduate students in the Higher Education and Student Affairs program at New York University. The editors promote the submission of articles that address issues of critical interest to the NYU community and among higher education and student affairs professionals. The opinion and attitudes expressed within the Journal do not necessarily reflect those of the Executive Editorial Board.

Meet the Executive Board


Abigail Winn, Editor-in-Chief

Harrison Carter, Managing Editor

Kariana Alvarado, Content Development Editor

Paige Jungaro, Acquisitions Editor


Josie Landers, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Joseph Paluck, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Ash Bouch, Managing Editor

Cheyenne Ross, Acquisitions Editor

Anna Springer, Acquisitions Editor

Sarah Fisher, Content Development Editor

Hannah Ford, Production Editor


Aliya Syed, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Michael Calla, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Elena Lee, Acquisitions Editor

Louise Schwarz, Managing Editor

Amos Joseph, Production Editor

Joseph Paluck, Content Development Editor


Jordan Bashline, Co-Editor-in-Chief   

Maggy Fread, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Melanie Oliva, Content Editor

Ling Le, Copy Editor

Danielle Amaddeo, Publicity & Recruitment Chair


Luis Angel Cisneros, Editor-in-Chief   

Tara Hardy, Content Editor

Savanna Ramirez, Copy Editor

Stephanie Martinez, Production Editor 

Alexa Spieler, Publicity Chair

Faculty Advisor

Mike Nguyen

Assistant Professor of Education | Justice and Belonging in Development and Education Hub
Principal Investigator, The MSI Data Project
Department of Administration, Leadership, and Technology | Higher and Postsecondary Education
Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development

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