Center of Health and Rehabilitation Research

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Mission statement:

The mission of the Center of Health and Rehabilitation Research is to generate and disseminate scientific knowledge to improve human health, functioning, participation, and quality of life among individuals, groups, and communities. The Center of Health and Rehabilitation Research fosters interdisciplinary collaboration that furthers basic, applied, and translational health and rehabilitation research.


The center will be a concentration of scientists that have broad interests to investigate and improve human functions and abilities. The center will promote interdisciplinary research of health, cognition, physical, mental health, communication, and food sciences. There is currently no research center at the Steinhardt school that has a focus on health sciences and rehabilitating human functions. The Center of Health and Rehabilitation Research will provide support to the researchers who investigate disabilities or develop methods to improve functioning. To this end, the center will stimulate inter-institute collaboration with researchers from other Steinhardt Centers, Rusk Rehabilitation, NYU medical center, Tandon School, and Center for Neural Science. The center’s scholarly activity will support the Rehabilitation Sciences doctoral program and post-doctoral training.

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Gerald Voelbel
Pless Hall, 6th floor
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New York, NY 10003