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China: Intercultural Perspectives on Teaching and Learning

Examine intercultural perspectives on teaching and learning in two of China’s most dynamic cosmopolitan centers: Hong Kong and Shanghai. Through seminars, individualized studies, and field trips to a variety of schools and cultural sites, you’ll meet local students and teachers and explore the initiatives these cities have taken in TESOL, bilingual education, foreign language education, and international education.


Hong Kong and Shanghai, China

Program Dates:

July 5 - 25, 2015

The program will begin in Hong Kong and conclude in Shanghai

Hong Kong: July 5 - 15, 2015

Shanghai: July 15 - July 25, 2015


Application Deadlines:

Round 1: Sunday, December 7, 2014

Round 2: Sunday, February 8, 2015

Round 3: Sunday, March 15, 2015

More about deadlines and how to apply

Who Can Participate:

  • NYU graduate students
  • NYU undergraduate seniors who have:

○       96+ earned credits

○       related course work

○       approval from the faculty director as well as their advisor

  • Non-NYU graduate students and professionals who are not enrolled at an academic institution

Related Areas of Study:

  • Foreign Language Education
  • International Education
  • Bilingual Education

This is not a complete list. We value diverse perspectives in our programs and encourage students from other majors and professions.


Students register for 6 credits and may choose from the following courses. Students should consult with their academic advisor for approval. 

LANED-GE 2005 Section 099 (Class Number: 1722) - Intercultural Perspectives in Multilingual, Multicultural Education (3 points)

TESOL-GE 2039 Section 095 (Class Number: 1926) - Advanced Individual Project in Multilingual, Multicultural Studies (3 points)

FLGED-GE 2914 Section 099 (Class Number: 1734) - Workshop in Foreign Language Education (3 points)

LANED-GE 2300 Section 099 (Class Number: 1920) - Independent Study in Multilingual, Multicultural Studies (3 points)

2015 Sample Syllabus

2015 Sample Schedule


Robin Harvey, Academic Adviser

Frank Tang,  Instructor. See a full bio.

Department of Teaching and Learning, New York University

Guest speakers may include:

Dr. Gwendolyn Gong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr. Angel Lin, The University of Hong Kong

Dr. Eunice Tang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr. Chen Wu, College of Foreign Languages, Shanghai Normal University

Jane Zhang, Kongjiang Secondary School, Department of Education


2015 Graduate Tuition: $1,479 per point plus registration and services fees

Bursar’s payment deadline dates

Learn about scholarship opportunities

Other Costs:

2015 Housing Fees: $650

2015 Activity Fees: $650

Housing and Activity fees are billed through the Bursar and will be due in accordance with the Bursar billing schedule.

International airfare to and from the program location is not included in the program fee. Students must purchase their own round-trip tickets and are responsible for their own accommodation for travel beyond the program dates.

Student will be notified when to book flights. We recommend comparing tickets on multiple sites to ensure the best fare. Past participants have used the following flight search engines: KayakHipmunkVayama Google Flights and for student rates.


Shared occupancy at an international tourist-grade hotel in downtown Kowloon, Hong Kong, and a four-star hotel in a downtown neighborhood in Shanghai.

Group accommodation dates correspond with the program dates listed above.

Flight, Travel, and Visa Information:

Flight: Students book their own travel to coincide with program dates. Students should not purchase their plane before receiving proper instructions (which include suggested or requested flight itineraries) during the program's formal orientation class meeting as indicated in the sample syllabus.

Passport: All program participants are required to have a valid passport, which must be valid at least six months beyond the program end date.

Visa to China: With only a few exceptions, most short-term foreign travelers such as US or Canadian passport holders need a tourism visa to enter mainland China (e.g., Shanghai, Beijing). For visa requirements and application instructions, visit the People's Republic of China visa link:

Visa to Hong Kong: No visa is required of holders of the passport from a large number of countries (including the U.S. and Canada) to enter Hong Kong. To confirm visa requirements and application instructions that may be applicable to you, see this webpage.

Helpful links: US State Department (for Hong Kong), US State Department (for China), Center for Disease Control, Lonely Planet Guide (Hong Kong), Hong Kong Tourism Board, Lonely Planet Guide (Shanghai)