About NYU Steinhardt

At NYU Steinhardt we believe that the successful professional is one who sees connections between communities and cultures. Education is an instrument for change and the means for a better quality of life for people throughout the world.

Our mission is to advance knowledge, creativity, and innovation at the crossroads of human learning, culture, development and well-being.

We create synergies and connect our fields of study to create new research, scholarship, models for change, and works of art. In research, scholarship, and artistic creation, our faculty work to connect theory and practice, to build communities beyond the classrooms, and nurture the human spirit.

The breadth of professional programs we offer is unusual. The innovation and sense of involvement our community offers is truly unique.

Our Student Body

We enroll nearly 6,400 students each year – 2,500 undergraduates and 3,900 master's, advanced certificate, and doctoral students to create a highly diverse mix of students – geographically, ethnically, and culturally.

At the undergraduate level, we attract a national pool of freshmen alongside a sizeable transfer student population from two- and four-year institutions.

At the master's level, recent college graduates, as well as established professionals who are seeking to advance their careers, study alongside those who are pursuing professional opportunities and personal growth in a newly chosen career. Several hundred international students pursue graduate degrees in at Steinhardt each year.

Our PhD programs attract a small and highly select group of students who are committed to research and scholarly advancement in preparation for academic careers in colleges and universities or who seek the highest applied or clinical preparation for leadership positions in their professional fields. 

Our Office of Student Affairs provides extensive support for all students as they pursue their studies.

Our Faculty

More than 260 full-time faculty in 11 separate departments form the academic core of our School –  teaching, undertaking research, leading curricular reform, developing and implementing innovative field-based projects, and providing leadership in professional organizations throughout the country. Their work is supported by a carefully selected corps of highly trained scholars and professionals who serve as adjunct faculty.

Our Academic Programs

Our nearly 20 undergraduate programs in applied psychology, studio art, teacher education, health, media studies, music and music professions, and educational theatre combine inquiry in the liberal arts and sciences, global study, and hands-on learning. Internships and fieldwork provide unparalleled opportunities to apply theory to practice.

We offer more than 40 master's degree programs in the areas of applied psychology, education, health, media, music and performing arts professions, and the arts and arts professions. Many programs are based in disciplinary study, others are interdisciplinary, and still others prepare graduates for specific professional licensure or certification. Most provide opportunities for applied learning through internships, fieldwork, or clinical practice. All draw on the rich resources of the larger NYU and New York City communities.

At the doctoral level, we offer PhD programs in many areas of study to prepare graduates for careers in research and teaching in academic settings. Our professional doctoral programs (EdD, DPT, DPS) in educational leadership, occupational therapy, and physical therapy prepare accomplished individuals for advanced practice in professional settings.

Summer Programs

Summer is a wonderful time of the year to be in New York City. Some academic programs and departments use summer as a regular semester and offer a full complement of courses, enabling students to complete their degrees in a shorter period of time. Others offer electives, experimental courses, and required courses to help students accelerate their studies.

Study Abroad Programs and International Study

We also place great importance on preparing our undergraduate and graduate students to live and work in a global society. NYU Steinhardt offers academic year and summer study abroad programs that span more than a dozen fields in education, health, media, and the arts.

At the graduate level, we offer an unique selection of January and summer study abroad programs. More than 500 students across Steinhardt and NYU and from other graduate programs throughout the country participate in our global graduate courses each year. Several long-running summer study abroad programs attract students from across the world. Each January and summer we offer a few new programs to take advantage of relationships our faculty are developing throughout the world.

At the undergraduate level, each year several hundred Steinhardt undergraduates discover themselves and the world by studying abroad for a summer, semester, or full year at NYU global centers in Paris, Madrid, Prague, London, Florence, Accra, Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv, and other cities.

Our Links to the City

Our School's involvement with New York City greatly enriches the educational experiences of our students. We work closely with NYU's Office of Community Service, student government, and clubs to make it easy for students to join their peers throughout the University in community service projects. And, as part of their program of study, most of our students participate in supervised internships, fieldwork or clinical placements, serving and working with people of all backgrounds and ages throughout the city. 

Our students also work with faculty members in grant-supported, field-based research and collaborative projects with our city's public schools, community groups, arts organizations, and healthcare facilities. Our many centers and institutes, commissions, and consortia also provide opportunities for participating in ongoing research, lecture series, and special seminars.

Our Alumni

More than 79,000 alumni live and work in New York City, other major urban centers in the United States, and around the world.

They are accomplished educators, health professionals, media specialists, performing and visual artists, writers, therapists, counselors, professors, administrators, and entrepreneurs. They lead organizations, write books, heal people, inspire children, and create works of art. Many alumni return to the School to teach courses, supervise fieldwork and student teaching, collaborate with our faculty on field-based projects, and help us place students in jobs. They are an important part of the Steinhardt community.