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High School Students in Greenpoint

Green Careers

Green jobs are a growing sector in the U.S. economy that students can begin to explore as early as elementary school. The NYU Wallerstein Collaborative has developed green career education programs throughout the years with a focus on experiential learning and place-based education that has connected students with individuals and organizations working in a variety of green careers, or on sustainable projects within industry, government, non-profit, and academic settings. Specifically, the green career education components have introduced students to a variety of career options that have helped them understand how STEM skills connect to career pathways

Our approach to green career education has focused on interactive activities like bringing guest speakers into classrooms, taking students out on field trips, and coordinating a day of shadowing a professional or longer term internship. Our Green Careers Database provides links to public and private organizations involved in green technology. This is a great resource for teachers and students to explore the breadth of green careers field on their own or as part of a school assignment or exploration. Find the Green Careers Database below. 

These green career resources are the product of a three-year initiative called GreenTECH funded by the National Science Foundation in partnership with Solar One, MOUSE.


    Green Careers Database

    Select an area you would like to research. You may select either business, nonprofit, or government organizations or select the research option to view persons in academia.

    GreenTECH Field Trips

    selected field trip sites provide high school students with the opportunity to explore green technology facilities in the metropolitan area.

    Career Opportunities for High School Students

    GreenTECH Career Opportunities for High School Students