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Anti-Racism Initiative

CSS has developed national experience in supporting folx to consider the impact of race, power, and privilege on the work they do, both in schools and organizations outside of education. CSS works in partnership with folx to develop a shared understanding of the systems that impact our cross racial, cross-ethnic, and cross-cultural understandings, delving deep into the historical entanglements of racial inequity. Our belief is that an equitable and just society loves and invites its members to be their authentic selves and openly reflects on how disparities and historical oppressions contradict the principles of social justice. Our team promotes this reflection by building the capacity of stakeholders to challenge assumptions and embedded bias, building relationships that create pathways toward equity.

CSS provides a range of offerings designed to help communities critically analyze the way that racism persists in our society drawing from historical and systemic level understandings. Participants will explore the ways in which racism functions and how it can be undone, exploring implicit biases that hinder racial justice.

CSS Stakeholder Offerings:

K12 educators, administrators, families, and students:
CSS education-focused antiracism offerings prompt partners to understand the impact of how they are situated in both historical and contemporary oppression and navigate how their racial identity impacts how they teach, learn, engage, and relate to others. Offerings include training, coaching, consultation, strategic planning, curriculum development, equity audits and more. Support is tailored to the local context and prior efforts toward developing racially
equitable systems.

College and university senior leaders, faculty, staff, administrators, and students:
CSS higher education offerings provoke partners to grapple with issues of racial inequity on their campuses and within specific schools, programs, departments, and courses. Offerings include exposure and awareness building training series, consultative support for working groups, committees, task forces on anti-racism in the context of IDBE commitments, coaching, climate assessments, course content audits, and restorative

General Individual and Organizations:
CSS also offers a significant number of opportunities for individuals and organizations seeking to build capacity around developing a commitment to combating systemic racism and the culture of white supremacy that permeates office, organizational, and leadership environments. Offerings include executive coaching, exposure and awareness building training series, consultative support for working groups, committees, task forces on anti-racism, coaching, workplace racial climate assessments, and restorative practices.

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