Department of Teaching and Learning

Childhood Education

Program of Study - Master's

Satisfactory completion of many Department of Teaching and Learning degrees includes field experiences.

Master of Arts Preservice M.A. Program in Childhood Education, Grades 1-6 (43 points)

Course Number


Foundations (9 points):
TCHL-GE 2010 Inquiries into Teaching and Learning III
CHDED-GE 2070 Foundations of Curriculum in Childhood Education
Pedagogical Content (21 points):
LITC-GE 2001 Language and Literacy in the Early Grades I
LITC-GE 2002 Language and Literacy in the Upper Grades
CHDED-GE 2011 Multicultural Perspectives in Social Studying
MTHED-GE 2115 Teaching Elementary School Mathematics: Foundations and Concepts
MTHED-GE 2116 Teaching Elementary School Mathematics: Problem Solving (2)
SCIED-GE 2009 Science Experiences in the Elementary School I (2)
SCIED-GE 2010 Science Experiences in the Elementary School II (2)
SPCED-GE 2025 Developing Strategies That Support Children’s Social Behavior
SPCED-GE 2161 Education of Children with Special Needs in Childhood Settings
CHILD-GE 2055 Integrating Arts in Childhood Settings
Fieldwork and Integrating Seminars (6 points):
TCHL-GE 2005 Fieldwork in Schools and Other Educational Settings
CHDED-GE 2901 Student Teaching in Childhood I
CHDED-GE 2902 Student Teaching in Childhood II
CHDED-GE 2359 Integrative Seminar I: Study of Teaching
Culminating Experience (3 points):
CHDED-GE 2010 Integrative Seminar II: Study of Teaching
Also required for New York State certification is
TCHL-GE 2999 Drug and Alcohol Education/Child Abuse Identification and School Violence Prevention/D.A.S.A.: The Social Responsibilities of Teachers