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Dietetic Internship

NYU Dietetic Internship

The mission of New York University's Dietetic Internship (DI) is to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills needed for practice as entry-level Registered Dietitians. The internship prepares graduates to integrate theory with practice and apply critical thinking and analytical skills in order to help improve the dietary intake, nutritional status, and overall health of individuals and groups.

The NYU Dietetic Internship is housed in the Clinical Nutrition MS program that requires enrollment for 13 months total . The full-time program, which offers fall and spring matches, includes one full semester of coursework followed by 27 weeks of on-site supervised practice for a total of 1200 full-time, supervised hours.  It also fulfills 18 of the 40 credits needed for an MS degree in Nutrition and Dietetics: Clinical Nutrition and meets the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) requirements for supervised clinical practice for registration eligibility.

* The Dietetic Internship Program is accredited by the Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000, Chicago, IL 60606, 1-800-877-1600) until 2021.

Academic Coursework

Enrolled interns must complete five graduate courses (12 credits) before entering supervised clinical practice.  You must receive a B or better (no pass/fail permitted) in each required internship course in order to be placed in the 27-week supervised practice component.

These courses are:

NUTR-GE 2000.02      New Graduate Student Seminar: Nutrition Section (0) (F, Sp)
NUTR-GE 2190.01      Research Methods (3) (F, Sp)
NUTR-GE 2037            Medical Nutrition Therapy (4) (F, Sp)
NUTR-GE 2037.002    Medical Nutrition Therapy Recitation
NUTR-GE 2196            Nutrition-Focused Physical Assessment (2) (F, Sp)
NUTR-GE 2198            Nutrition Counseling Theory & Practice (3) (F, Sp)

Note on timing: If you begin the academic component of the dietetic internship in the fall semester, then you begin the on-site supervised component around January/February. If you begin the academic component of the dietetic internship in the spring semester, then you begin the on-site component around July/August. Specific start dates vary amongst hospitals.

Supervised Clinical Practice

Interns complete supervised clinical practice rotations in clinical nutrition therapy (13 weeks), community nutrition (3 weeks), clinical nutrition management (1 week), food service management (6 weeks), NYU Pediatric Dental Clinic (1 week), and staff relief (3 weeks) - a total of at least 1200 practice hours along with classroom instruction.

If you begin the academic component of the dietetic internship in fall semester, then you begin the on-site component around January/February.  If you begin the academic component of the dietetic internship in spring semester, then you begin the on-site component around July/August.

Concurrent with supervised clinical practice, interns register for the remaining 6 credits of the 18 credits required for the Dietetic Internship in two consecutive semesters:

NUTR-GE 2146   Clinical Practice in Dietetics I (3 credits)
NUTR-GE 2147   Clinical Practice in Dietetics II (3 credits)

Practice sites (subject to change):

Possible community rotations include:


General Requirements
  1. Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.
  2. Applicants must present an official AND Verification Statement of Completion of a Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD), or a statement of Declaration of Intent to Complete the DPD, with original signatures.
  3. Preference will be given to applicants with an overall academic average of B or better; the minimum academic average for nutrition DPD courses is a B or better.
  4. Applicants also must gain acceptance into the 40-credit Clinical Nutrition (HOND-CNU) Master of Science (M.S.) program

Note: Applicants who have non-US undergraduate credentials must present a course-by-course evaluation of their international credentials along with their completed application. A number of agencies can provide this service:  

Application Requirements

The internship application must contain:

Application Deadlines

Applicants must submit all of their application materials by the appropriate deadlines.  No exceptions will be made for late submissions.

Fees/Tuition & Financial Aid

Application fees consist of:

  1. $75 to NYU Steinhardt Graduate Admissions
  2. $50 to D&D Digital Systems for national computer matching
  3. $40 to DICAS for one internship program and $20 for each additional program
  4. $40 made payable to the NYU Dietetic Internship

In addition to application and graduate tuition and fees, all Dietetic Interns are required to be student members of the AND, which costs $50 per year. Lab coats are also required on-site and typically cost $30.

The Ruth F. Myron Ramus Scholarship is a special award for dietetic interns during the on-site portion of the internship.  Students are automatically eligible with U.S. citizenship/permanent residency.  Other departmental and/or university-wide scholarships are available.

Admission Process/Notification

In addition to their submitted materials, applicants may be asked to interview in person or by telephone with the Dietetic Internship Director and/or members of the Selection Committee. Approximately 13-15 applicants will be accepted.

Notification of Admission: Applicants will be notified of their acceptance status online by D&D Digital Systems. Applicants who have been matched to the NYU Dietetic Internship must send an email within 48 hours to the Program Director,, to confirm acceptance or rejection of admission.

Students will be evaluated based upon the following factors:

DICAS Application Information
  1. You can navigate to the DICAS system directly at You will need to create a new account if you have not already set one up.
  2. When logged in, please note that there are instructions for every section at the top right hand corner of each page.
  3. In the College(s) Attended section, at the very top drop-down box, note that both NYU's undergraduate and graduate DPD programs should have the "DPD College" designation.  Any college with a DPD program is a DPD College. Any college without a DPD program (even if you did a course there for transfer to ours) is "Other College."
  4. In the DPD Director Contact Information section of the DICAS Application, the Director of Program is Charles Mueller (
  5. In the College(s) Attended section, after you have added your schools, click the orange button to the left of your school listing to obtain a transcript form. Send a separate transcript request form to each school you have added.
  6. You can only request 3 letters of recommendation through the DICAS website. NYU's Dietetic Internship requires 3 letters, but other internship sites may have different requirements.
  7. Below you will find a list of undergraduate and graduate DPD courses at NYU along with their science or professional classifications.  Note: The institution(s) in which students complete their DPD assign(s) those classifications.
  8. Upload the DPD Course List form.
 Course Title  Science or Professional
NUTR-UE 1023 Food Microbiology & Sanitation Science
NUTR-UE 1064 Nutritional Biochemistry Science
NUTR-UE 1068 Intro to Human Physiology Science
CHEM-UA 120 Introduction to Modern Chemistry Science
CHEM-UA 210 Principles of Organic Chemistry Science
NUTR-UE 85 Introduction to Foods & Food Science Professional
NUTR-UE 91 Food Management Theory Professional
NUTR-UE 119 Nutrition & Health Professional
NUTR-UE 1260 Diet Assessment & Planning  Professional
NUTR-UE 1269 Nutrition & The Life Cycle  Professional
NUTR-UE 1184 Food Science & Technology Professional
NUTR-UE 1052 Food Production & Management  Professional
NUTR-UE 1185 Clinical Nutrition Assessment & Intervention  Professional
NUTR-UE 1209 Community Nutrition  Professional
NUTR-GE 2199 Nutrition Education Professional
NUTR-GE 2190.01 Research Methods - OR -   Professional
NUTR-UE .1117 Current Research in Nutrition Professional


The NYU Dietetic Internship includes one full semester of coursework on the university's calendar (academic component), followed by six months of supervised practice (on-site supervised component), in which interns maintain a 40-hour work week. The demanding nature of the program requires dietetic interns to be flexible: internship hours can vary from week to week and can start early in the morning.

Note: While in the on-site component of the internship, dietetic interns follow their respective hospital's calendar regarding holidays. Personal days must be approved by the on-site clinical nutrition manager and any sick or personal days must be made up for. 

Goals, Objectives, and Outcome Measures

Concentration area: Medical Nutrition Therapy

The NYU Dietetic Internship provides students with a well-rounded internship experience, providing exposure to many different opportunities and career options in the field.  Our focus is in medical nutrition therapy in the clinical setting; interns meet the majority of program goals and required competencies on-site with one of our major medical center partners.

The goals of the NYU Dietetic Internship are to provide students with:

The program objectives are to provide dietetic interns with the following knowledge and skills:

Program Goal 1

The program will prepare DI graduates to be competent entry-level dietitians.

Outcome Measures over a 5-year period:

Program Goal 2

The program will prepare DI graduates to successfully attain advanced degrees and actively contribute to the profession during and following completion of the dietetic internship.

Outcome Measures for Program Goal 2:

Program goal attainment is based on student performance and achievement of all program goals.