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Food Studies

The Doctoral Program in Food Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of food in its historical and cultural dimensions. Employing methods from the humanities and social sciences (archival, ethnographic, survey and semiotics), this highly selective program prepares students for teaching and research at the college and university level, as well as in institutions outside the academy. The curriculum is tailored to the particular research interests of each student. In consultation with an advisor and a doctoral committee, students develop their research projects.

Current faculty research focuses on themes such as: the industrialization of infant food and the construction of American childhood; national bodies and the war effort; iconic Jewish foods; street foods; urbanization and the culture of eating out; histories of industrialization of the American food system and the senses; sustainable alternatives to the agro-industrial system; post-structuralist theory as applied to food; food's relationship to ethnic, racial and national identities; restaurants, domestic cookery and the relationship between the private and public spheres.

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