Food Studies

The doctoral program in Food Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of food in its historical and cultural dimensions. Employing methods from the humanities and social sciences (archival, ethnographic, survey, oral history, statistics, and semiotics), the program prepares students for teaching and research at the university level, as well as in institutions outside academia. In consultation with an advisor and a doctoral committee, students tailor their curriculum to a particular research interest, as well as develop their course of study and their dissertation research.

Current research focuses on themes such as:

  • Professor Amy Bentley: industrialization of the food supply and its effects on taste, health and culture in the 20th-century United States
  • Professor Gustavo Setrini: small farmer value chains in Paraguay and the organic and fair trade produce export industries in Peru
  • Professor Jennifer Berg: iconic Jewish foods and Mexican kitchen workers
  • Professor Krishnendu Ray: immigrants in the urban food system as workers, consumers, entrepreneurs, and home cooks, and the ways they sustain and transform city cultures
  • Professor Carolyn Dimitri: the social and environmental externalities in the food system

For further information, contact:

Carolyn Dimitri
Associate Professor, Food Studies 
Director, PhD Program