Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health

Food Studies

Who We Are

Food Studies at NYU is one of the first master’s degree programs in the U.S. devoted to food scholarship. In doing so, in 1996, our department formalized an emerging field as a state-accredited academic entity. 

Employing approaches from the humanities and social sciences, the program prepares students to analyze the current American food system, its global connections, and local alternatives. The program examines cultural, political, economic, environmental, and geographic approaches to food within local, urban and global contexts.  Our mission is to examine the ways in which individuals, communities, and societies produce, distribute, and consume food. Cities at the center of flows of people, produce, and media products, are the prime locus of our investigations.

Our program includes two concentrations encompassing 40 credits of core, specialization, practical experience, and research courses.

  1. Food Culture examines the social, economic, cultural, and psychological factors that have influenced food production and consumption practices and patterns. Students research historical, sociological and anthropological aspects of food.

  2. Food Systems traces commodities and agricultural concerns from production through consumption.  It emphasizes international, national, and local food systems where students explore environmental, ethical, and economic factors in food production and distribution.

Why NYU Food Studies?

Program Goals

Upon completion of our program, students will be able to: