Graduate Programs - Educational Theatre

MA in Educational Theatre with Teacher Certification in Theatre, All Grades, and English, Grades 7-12

Explore Literature Through Drama Strategies in the Classroom and Onstage

Master of Arts in Educational Theatre, All Grades and Teaching English, Grades 7-12, Initial Certification

Full-time or part-time


Application Deadline:
January 6 (Fall and Summer)
October 1 (Spring)

This dual-certification master's program leads to eligibility for New York State initial teaching certification as a teacher of theatre, all grades (K-12), and a teacher of English, grades 7-12. You will learn pedagogical methods and drama strategies that can be integrated into the teaching of theatre, reading, writing, and language arts in the classroom. In this degree, you will engage in active learning strategies wherein literacy flourishes, reading comes alive, and students investigate issues of personal and social significance through the use of role. You will acquire hands-on experience through fieldwork and student teaching placements in New York City elementary and secondary schools, doubling your credentials and expanding your career options.

A non-certification degree, initial teaching certification degree, and a degree offering dual certification with Social Studies Education are also available.

What you'll learn

• Dramatic literature
• Theatre production and performance
• Drama in education
• Theatre and literature for young audiences
• How to explore ideas and concepts in novels and plays through drama and theatre strategies
• Classroom strategies that are innovative and appropriate for teaching today's middle and high school students

See the curriculum and requirements for this dual-certification degree. 

How you'll learn

Core Courses and Areas of Specialization
The curriculum for this degree includes integrated coursework in drama, dramatic literature, and theatre, which are tied to the four New York State Learning Standards for the Arts. Through an inquiry-based model of teaching, you'll take core methods courses that link theory to practice, encouraging you to develop a deeper understanding of how to read, analyze, and teach literary works and themes.

Fieldwork and Student Teaching Placements in New York City Schools
You will also complete fieldwork and two supervised student teaching placements in New York City elementary and secondary schools, honing your teaching techniques under the guidance of NYU faculty. 

What you can do with this degree

Graduates of our program are teachers of drama and theatre at preschools and elementary, middle, and secondary schools. They hold positions in education and theatre departments in museums, art galleries, colleges, and universities.

For more information about this MA program, please contact 

Nancy Smithner