Graduate Application Guide

Physical Therapy: Entry Level Program (PTPS-DPT)

This accredited, entry-level doctoral program combines full-time academic study with three summers of supervised clinical practice, preparing you to work as a highly skilled physical therapist practicing in a clinical setting. You’ll study normal and abnormal structure and function and the theory and practice of physical therapy. Graduates are eligible for New York State licensure as a physical therapist.

A DPT for Practicing Physical Therapists and a PhD program in Research in Physical Therapy are also available. 

Academic Plan Code: PTPS

Degree: DPT

Credits: 133 

Academic Load: Full-time only.

Application Deadlines
Fall: N/A
Spring: N/A 
Summer soft application deadline: October 1
Summer final application deadline: December 1

Program Information
Website | 212-998-9413

Admissions Requirements

In order to be considered for admission to this program, you must have the following:

  • A bachelor's degree in a field other than physical therapy, with a minimum 3.00 cumulative grade point average (GPA) on a scale of 4.00
  • A minimum GPA of 3.00 in the following prerequisite natural science courses. All courses must be 4 credits and taught in science departments, and all, except Physiology, must have a laboratory component:
    • Biology I (General, Cell, Zoology)
    • Biology II (General, Cell, Zoology, Microbiology)
    • Chemistry I (General or Inorganic)
    • Chemistry II (General, Organic, Inorganic,or Biochemistry)
    • Physics I (General - Trigonometry or Calculus-based)
    • Physics II (General - Trigonometry or Calculus-based )
    • Physiology (Cell, Mammalian, or Human) or 8 credits of Anatomy/Physiology I and II

Grades must be available for a minimum of 5 of the 7 science prerequisites courses before the December 1 final application deadline:

  • Three social science/behavioral science courses, at least one of which must be Psychology
  • One course in Statistics
  • One course (or equivalent experience ) in physical activity/movement/dance/sports

In addition to the official transcripts you will submit as part of your application, if you are admitted and choose to attend, you will need to submit final, official transcripts before you begin your studies.

The soft deadline date is October 1, 2016. We strongly encourage you to submit a complete application by the soft deadline date since decisions regarding interviews are made as soon as all completed information is received.

The final deadline date is December 1, 2016. No applications will be reviewed after this date. 

How to Apply

These instructions and requirements are for all applicants. If you are not a citizen or a permanent resident of the United States, please read the special instructions for international applicants.

1. Prepare Your Application

Your application will require the following items. You will apply through PTCAS (the Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service) only. You do not fill out a separate NYU Steinhardt graduate admissions application.

Statement of Purpose

You are required to upload a typed, double-spaced, two- to three-page statement explaining your purpose in undertaking graduate study in this particular program as part of your application. This is your opportunity to introduce yourself and to inform the admissions committee about your goals, interests, and career plans as they relate to your intended academic pursuits.

Letters of Recommendation

Submit two letters of recommendation. Be sure to request them well in advance of the deadline. See detailed instructions.


Upload one official copy of transcripts from every postsecondary school you have attended. Make sure to request them in advance of the deadline. Read detailed instructions.


Required. See detailed instructions on how to submit your GRE scores to PTCAS. Our GRE institution code for this program is 1575 – New York U PTCAS.

Proficiency in English


2. Apply

PTCAS Application

Start your application now

You will apply through PTCAS only.  You do not fill out a separate NYU Steinhardt application.  After you fill in and upload the required information, you can submit your completed application. Your application must be completed, dated, electronically signed and submitted by 11:59 p.m. EST of the stated deadline.

Application Fee

There is a $50 supplemental application fee on PTCAS.  The program’s link to the supplemental application is included on NYU's directory page on PTCAS.

 Once you submit your PTCAS application.   Your application will not be processed until your payment and all United States transcripts are received.

Application Policies

Application deadlines are "in-office" deadlines, not postmark deadlines. It is your responsibility to ensure that all materials are in the Office of Graduate Admissions by the appropriate deadline, and we reserve the right to return any application that arrives after the deadline. Only completed applications will be considered. Should a deadline fall on a weekend, the in-office deadline will be the next business day. We advise you to apply early.

Please check the online system to confirm that you have successfully submitted your application. Due to the volume of applications and related materials received, the Office of Graduate Admissions will only contact you if your application was successfully submitted and is deemed incomplete because of missing required materials. Otherwise, you will hear from us when the admissions committee has made its decision.

Deferral policy: NYU Steinhardt does not allow deferrals. Applicants who wish to be considered for a future semester must reapply by submitting a new application with all supporting materials, including letters of recommendations, by the application deadline.


3. Receive Your Admission Decision

You will be notified about your decision by email. Typically, decisions will start going out in late November for Spring semester enrollment and in late March or early April for Summer or Fall enrollment. You may learn of your decision before or after this timeline.